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Many Researchers from School of Environment and Architecture Enter among Globally Top 2%

May 13, 2021 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

Recently, Prof. John P. A. Loannidis’s team from Standford University and Elsevier’s Mendeley Data announced the ranking list of “lifelong scientific impacts” (1960-2019) and of 2019 scientific impacts. Totally more than 400 Chinese scientists, who are focused on the discipline of environmental science, enter among the ranking list of 2019 impacts brought by Chinese scientists. Dr. Liu Ning from School of Environment and Architecture enters on the ranking list due to his achievements in thediscipline of environmental science, achieving a major breakthrough in the field.
Liu Ning, an associate professor of School of Environment and Architecture, master’s supervisor, enters in the project of Shanghai Pujiang Talents Plan. In recent years, a series of research achievements were made in the field of environmental catalytic materials, control and reduction of pollutants, reduction of the carbon dioxide. He presided over 1 youth project, 2 general projects granted by National Natural Science Youth Foundations. He published over 50 academic papers including Applied Catalysis B-Environmental, Chemical Engineering Journal, Nano Letters, among which 9 papers are highly cited.
In addition, Associate Professor Zhang Xiaodong, and Kang Shifei from School of Environment and Architecture entered on the ranking list of 2019 scientific impacts due to their achievements in materials and energy. On the ranking list  top 2% scientists were citedwith regard to distinctions among research areas,. The index displayed the ranking list of each scientist’s comprehensive citationin the discipline, providing a measure index centering on the research performance of scientists, more objectively and more authentically reflecting the influence brought by scientists.
Many researchers from School of Environment and Architecture entered among globally top 2% scientists, demonstrating the overall improvement of scientific level, contributing to the construction of a first-class university of distinctive features.

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