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Dr. Li Daixi Participated in Building of HUAWEI Biological Information Platform

October 12, 2021 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

On September 25th, at 2021 online HUAWEI CONNECT, as a major part of national strategic scientific power, Peng Cheng Laboratory, Guangdong, launched AI Mock-up named Pengcheng. Shennong (short for Pengcheng. Shennong Biological Information Research Institute) designed for biomedical field, aimed to empower the study of biomedicine through AI technologies, speed up selection and production of new types of medicine, and usher in the “AI plus medicine production ” era. This is a new research achievement following AI Mock-up “Pengcheng. Pangu” that is first to realize the natural language processing of 20 billion parameters.
Virus and bacteria grows more complicated with biological evolution. Based on  “Pengcheng cloud-brain II” AI computing cluster and Shengsi AI framework, Pengcheng. Shennong can be used in such modules as protein structure prediction, molecule formation, interaction between target spot and molecule, design and effect evaluation of novel antimicrobial peptide. With the support of “Pengcheng. Shennong” AI technologies, pharmaceutical enterprise and medical research institute can speed up selection and production of new types of medicine, making AI better serve for human’s health.
In the previous research in anti-virus polypeptide (HD 5, LL37), Dr. Li Daixi from School of Food Engineering took part in the R &D of the major scientific platform: Pengcheng. Shennong. Based on polypeptide designed by AI technologies of domestic top peers, Dr. Li predicted three-dimensional structure of polypeptide, joined polypeptide and viral protein receptor molecule together, enhanced molecular dynamics, calculated combined free energy of polypeptide and viral protein receptor. And he evaluated, analyzed and proved the effect of polypeptide medicine against the coronavirus.

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