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Japanese Version “The Making of Shanghai” Translated by A Team Led by Dr. Yang Benming Set to Air on TV APP

November 10, 2021 | By Ma Yize, Cao Qiuchen | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

The multilingual version of the documentary “The Making of Shanghai” recently premiered on BesTV. Under direction of Publicity Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and jointly produced by the Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office and SMG Documentary Center, the documentary tells the historical story of Shanghai’s urban development for more than 170 years since it opened as a port, and depicts the suffering and glory of the city in detail, serving as a platform to introduce Shanghai to the world and will further enhance the international influence of China and Shanghai. The Japanese version was translated by a four-member team headed by Dr. Yang Benming from College of Foreign Languages of USST.

Yang Benming has ever translated Japanese versions of some popular documentaries on SMG, such as “Life Matters”, “Shanghai Police: Real Stories”, and the introduction part of subway in “How Shanghai Works". In this project, he worked as the chief translator and mobilized other team members. “When I received the invitation in March, I thought the program is of great significance. It will comprehensively deepen foreigners’ understanding of the past and present life of Shanghai and the process of striving and creating happiness under the leadership of the CPC in various historical stages. As the multilingual version unfolds abroad, more and more foreigners will definitely be drawn to Shanghai to work, live and study,” said Yang Benming excitedly.

The content of the documentary, covering a long history and various fields and interspersed with Shanghai dialect, appears a little difficult for translators. For example, translations of some places and people’ s names such as “Old Shanghai Chinese City” “Medhurst” “Choo Tih-Lang" relies on relevant materials. After constantly referring to historical materials, consulting  Japanese experts, and joining in frequent discussion, the team members decided on the best translation version. The whole translation procedure lasted four months.

USST established The Institute of Public Diplomacy in September 2020, providing a good platform for teachers to carry out academic studies. Based on this advantage, young scholars from College of Foreign Languages are encouraged to actively participate in various publicity projects to promote China’s international communications. In 2019, Dr. Wang E-nuo stood out in the recruitment held by China Foreign Language Publishing Administration, and then obtained the official commission to translating one of the “Understanding CPC” series books, the German version of Journey of The Communist Party of China: From the 1st to the 19th CPC National Congress. Due to its great popularity among readers, the book was printed for the second time in May of 2021.

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