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SEPE Serves R &D of Artificial Snowmaking Machines for Beijing 2022 with Technology

January 5, 2022 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

When Beijing 2022 Olympics Winter Games is around the corner, the artificial snowmaking laboratory of SEPE (the School of Energy and Power Engineering) of our school faces busier work. Supported by the National Key Research and Development Project "High-efficiency and intelligent snowmaking machine research and development and application demonstration under multi-regional climate conditions", the multi-phase change mechanism and snow-forming conditions of the snowmaking process, the multi-phase change law of gas-liquid mixture-atomized water droplets-snow crystals-snowflakes, the interrelationship of mixing-atomization-nucleation-snow formation behavior, regional climate conditions, operating parameters, atomizer structure and surface characteristics coupling influence law on snowmaking quality and other fields have been researched by the "Technology Winter Olympics" project team led by Dr. Zhao Wei for one year.

In terms of experiments, in view of the multi-regional climatic conditions and multiple operating parameters of artificial snowmaking, many snowmaking experiments with the internal hybrid atomizer as the core component of the snowmaking machine were carried out to test the shape and particle size distribution characteristics of the snow crystals. The changes in the snow forming conditions, snow quality, snow crystal shape and size distribution of the atomizer with regional climate conditions and operating parameters are analyzed, which provides experimental data support for the optimization of the air-water ratio of the atomizer. The research team led by Dr. Zhao Wei has been occupied in the artificial snow experimental study and the online and offline communication meetings of relevant parties of the project, such as Beijing Carbin Ski Sports Company, Beijing Sport University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Beijing University Of Civil Engineering And Architecture, etc., follow up the research progress of the project at all times, and discuss solutions to problems arising from the project to ensure the smooth development of the project.

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Project team communicates project progress

Macroscopic morphology of artificial snowmaking by atomizer

Artificial snowmaking laboratory

Microscopic morphology of artificial snowmaking by atomizer

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