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SBC Lecturer Dr. Naeem Faraz and Dr. Muhammad Shemyal Nisar published an article in Results in Physics

July 10, 2023

Recently, two SBC lecturer collaboratively published an article titled Natural convection of Cu-H2O nanofluid inside hexagonal enclosure fitted with a square cavity with a non-uniformly heated wall(s) in Results in Physics (5.3, JCR-Q2). Dr. Naeem Faraz, a SBC lecturer in business, was the first author and corresponding author. And Dr. Muhammad Shemyal Nisar, in engineering, was the second author.
Numerical simulations are undertaken to investigate the flow of fluids and heat transfer through a nanofluid inside a hexagonal enclosure fitted with a square cavity and characterized by buoyancy-driven fluid motion. The study concluded that the heat transfer characteristics within the hexagonal cavity were influenced by the position of the active portions of the side walls and the volume fraction of nanoparticles. The heat transfer rate increased with higher volume fractions of nanoparticles.
The novelty and originality of the proposed work lie in the exploration of a unique hexagonal cavity geometry, the parametric study involving varying Rayleigh numbers and nanoparticle volume fractions, and the utilization of numerical simulations with advanced computational techniques. These contributions enhance the understanding of nanofluid behavior and provide valuable insights for optimizing heat transfer systems in various applications.

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