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A Master’s Student from SEPE Gets His Research Paper Published in Chemical Engineering Journal

April 1, 2024

Recently, Yang Tiebing, a master’s student from the School of Energy and Power-engineering, has published a research achievement with the title of “New design of in situ hydrogen absorption/storage enhanced hydrogen production in supercritical CO2 gasification, air gasification, and steam gasification from biomass” in Chemical Engineering Journal with Yang Tiebing as the first author, and Professor Dou Binlin, his supervisor as the corresponding author, while USST is the first unit.
Biomass resources are abundant, with advantages such as renewability, storability, and low pollution. Biomass thermal conversion for hydrogen production allows waste biomass to be converted into hydrogen through pyrolysis, gasification, steam transformation, and other processes, resulting in resource utilization. Its scale can be large or small, and it is considered an efficient and low-cost hydrogen production technology with practical application and great development potential.

Unlike conventional biomass thermal conversion hydrogen production processes, this paper couples in-situ adsorbed hydrogen with low-temperature water vapor transformation, storing hydrogen in situ while producing hydrogen, heating and regenerating hydrogen storage materials to obtain pure hydrogen. By using thermodynamic analysis, the differences in in-situ hydrogen storage and production using different gasification methods of biomass are compared. The process reaction conditions and operating parameter selection are analyzed. Through the comprehensive utilization of internal energy in the process system, how to further improve the energy efficiency and reduce the cost of hydrogen production through biomass thermal conversion is explored. The study also provides a methodology reference for hydrogen storage and transportation.

Related: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1385894724015158

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