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Li Shutong: Running towards the Future, Composing a Song of Youth with Hard Work

March 16, 2020

With consistent trainings and efforts, he runs nearly 4,000 laps around the campus playground every year and has been a good medalist in the track and field twice. With his brilliant ideas and hard work, he has led his team to win the first prize for their innovation project. Li Shutong, a student of USST, is composing a song of youth with perseverance and focusing.
For his excellent performance in physical fitness test during his fresh year, he was admitted into Runners’ Club. Every afternoon, together with the students from the high - level sports team, he was used to doing a variety of trainings like jogging, running and alternate fast and slow running. During his sophomore year, he made great progress. Encouraged by his coach, he started to take part in professional competitions. In the first “League Cup” of Shanghai College Students, he won two gold medals in men’s 800m and 1500m of Division A. “Running has taught me to persevere. It is the biggest impacts that it has had on me. In addition to running, many things in life require persistent efforts.” Li said.
Unwilling to idle in his dorm, Li Shutong enriches his life by studying, training, attending lectures, joining in competitions... Due to his outstanding academic performance, Li, as a junior, was admitted into the honorary class of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, and soon started several mechanical innovation projects with his instructor. His first project was titled “Automatic Separator of Spoon and Chopsticks”. The team spend half a year on the whole project from brainstorming to component making and to final assembling. This project won the first prize in the 8th Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Innovation Competition.
In the future, Li hopes to proceed his study in mechanical intelligence. He wants to establish himself in the field he loves with his own efforts. He said: “We should broaden our horizons to keep an eye on national affairs, strive to enrich ourselves, and work hard at activities we are good at, thus, making our own contributions to our country.”

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