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A visit to Taizhou by USST Delegation

September 9, 2020 | By Li Rui | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

On August 24th and 25th, Wu Jianyong, secretary of the Party Committee of USST, Ding Xiaodong, president of USST, and Sun Yuedong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of USST, led a team to Taizhou City to hold an exchange meeting, deepening the cooperation between USST and the city. They witnessed the signing of joint construction of Medical Device Innovation and Transformation College between USST and Xianju County. They also investigated the digital transformation of the traditional industries, the cultivation of key industries, urban planning and the development of Xianju medical device industry in Taizhou city. Li Yueqi, secretary of Taizhou  Municipal Committee of CPC, Wu Haiping, Vice Secretary of Taizhou Municipal Committee of CPC and mayor of Taizhou Municipal met the USST delegation and participated in the investigation and communication activities.

During the meeting held by USST and Taizhou city, both sides had in-depth communication and discussions on further cooperation and striving to realize win-win development amid the in-depth implementation of the national strategy of Yangtze River Delta integration.

Wu Haiping emphatically introduced the economic and social developments of Taizhou city. He noted that Taizhou is full of natural and humanistic charm and the private economy, manufacturing industry and micro-finance are of great vitality. Besides, Taizhou has more potential in coastal development, transportation construction and grand strategy implementation. As one of the 27 central cities of Yangtze River Delta city cluster, Taizhou is now faced with an unprecedented opportunity to connect with Greater Shanghai and make better use of such advantages.

Wu Haiping, Vice Secretary of Taizhou Municipal Committee of CPC and mayor of Taizhou Municipal Government addressed a speech at the ceremony

President Ding Xiaodong gave a detailed introduction of the general situation, disciplinary construction, reforms of talent cultivation, transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and enrollment in large category. Through the cooperation and joint construction, he hoped that both sides could further promote the scientific innovation in medical device and the development of the industry effectively, cultivate a group of high-quality industrial talents and innovative achievements that can be transformed and put into practice to support and serve the construction of Shanghai Scientific Innovation Center and the development of key industries.

Ding Xiaodong, President of USST, addressed a speech at the ceremony

On behalf of the municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, Li Yueqi extended a warm welcome and sincere gratitude to Wu Jianyong and the delegation. He said that the joint construction project with USST is another important achievement in connection with Greater Shanghai in scientific innovation, embarking a new step in the construction of “Innovative Taizhou”. With a history of over a hundred years, USST is the only university that independently sets up the medical device departments and cultivates high-quality talents in medical device field in China, enjoying great influence in the whole country. It is hoped that while helping build a medical device industry highland in Xianju County, USST can disseminate superior resources such as talents, intelligence and technology to Taizhou city in the meantime to promote the sharing of innovative resources and joint construction of innovative platform and deepen and broaden the cooperation and strive for win-win development.

Li Yueqi, Secretary of Taizhou Municipal Committee of CPC extended a warm welcome and addressed a speech at the ceremony

Wu Jianyong said in his speech that Taizhou is known as the capital of manufacturing, which is the greatest strength, the most striking feature and the most important brand of the city. USST always sticks to the construction of modernization and the development of the manufacturing industry. Both sides are very similar. He hoped that both sides can take the advantage of the cooperation to continue strengthening close cooperation in personnel training, scientific and technological breakthroughs and the integration of industry, university and research, so as to make greater contributions to the implementation of major strategies such as the transformation and upgrading of the industry and high-quality development of the integration of Yangtze River Delta cities.

Wu Jianyong, Secretary of Party Committee of USST addressed a speech at the ceremony

During their stay in Taizhou, they visited many local enterprises and Taizhou (Xianju) Medical Device Industrial Park, Zhejiang e-Link Care Meditech Co., Ltd, Zhejiang UE Medical Corporation and others, understand the development status and the ability of product R&D and technological innovation. They also unveiled the USST (Xianju) Medical Device Innovation and Transformation College.

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