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USST-Dijiang Intelligent Manufacture Innovation Center Established

October 23, 2020 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by Alex, Zhang Liu

On October 19th, USST- Dijiang Group Intelligent Manufacture Innovation Center was established and Dijiang Education Funds-Giving Ceremony was held at USST. Present at the ceremony were Lin Jianhua, Chairman of Dijiang Group, who once majored in transportation engineering at USST, Zhang Zhiyong, Executive Director of Dijiang Group, President Zhang Youpeng, Vice President Tian Xia and other heads of Dijiang departments, Wu Jianyong, Secretary of Party Committee, USST, Sheng Chun, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of USST, Vice President Sheng Chun, Vice President Liu Ping and heads from relative departments and colleges.

Lin Jianhua and Zhang Dawei, Dean of Scientific Development Research Institute signed the cooperation agreement, and together unveiled the nameplate for the innovation center. On behalf of USST, Meng Baoquan, Director of Alumni Working Association, Secretary of USST Education Development Fundation was presented 20 million RMB. Wu Jianyong awarded Gratitude certificate to Dijiang Group.

Lin Jianhua affectionately recalled the time when he studied at USST. He said that USST’s cultures were to seek truth and be pragmatic that inspires him to share responsibilities and serve society. For many years, he has led the team members to forge ahead in business creation. He hoped that focused on key technologies, and competitiveness, the innovation center cooperated by USST and Dijiang could optimize the project and strengthen the relationship. He also hoped that Dijiang could do everything in return for USST.

Lin Jianhua, Chairman of Dijiang Group, addressed a speech at the ceremony

Wu Jianyong, extended care and supports to the construction and development of USST since 2006 and briefed them on talents introduction and characteristic discipline construction while USST take on the mission of manufacture power and promote high-level university construction. He hoped that guided by motto spirits, Lin Jianhua could lead Dijiang Group to improve key enterprise technologies. USST would make vigorous efforts to promote alumni enterprise development, deepen synthesized integration of industry, learning and research, shape a university model which contribute to the faster and better development of alumni enterprise so as to foster a fine circulation and interactive system of the cooperation between school and enterprise, helping more alumni enterprise grow bigger, serve major national and local needs, and make due contributions to socio-economic development.

Wu Jianyong, Secretary of USST Party Committee, addressed a speech at the ceremony

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