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Student Association

1.Zhan’en Zhixing Youth Theory PracticeSociety

Established in November 1997,The Zhan’en Zhixing Youth Theory PracticeSocietyis anideological and political association,affiliated tothesub-committeeof Youth League ofManagementSchool. Thesocietytakes the advanced theory of our party as the guiding ideology, breaks the traditional theoretical learningmodel, and extends theidealearning and practiceintothe studentassociationswhich arecharacterized bycommoninterests and hobbiesof their participants. For example,for five years in a row,we have successfullyhosted a variety of activities such as“Learningtheideas of NPC (National People’s Congress)and CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) under the sponsorship of Management School”and“Focusing on 19thNPC”.Witha focus onthe unity ofbetweentheory and practice,we become well-known on campus and in Shanghai.The Shanghai Education TV and other media have repeatedly reportedour“learning idea of NPC and CPPCC”activities.In 2017,our program,“the Simulation ofNPC and CPPCCprogram”received wide median coverage from such news organizationsasZhongqing Online, Shanghai Daily, and Shanghai Education News Network. In addition,theRed Flag Briefingsponsored byour societyhas been published 74issuessinceits foundation, and has become an importantvenuefor disseminating advanced ideas to university students. Oursociety haswonsuch honors asthe credentialof Advanced Collective for Theoretical Study of ShanghaiHigh SchoolandUniversity studentsin 2007, Starsocietyof USST in 2013-2017, and the National Top 100 College Students Theory LearningSocietyin 2015.

2.Hujiang News Agency

Establishedin October 2016,and under the leadership of the News Center, publicity department of CPC on campus,Hujiang News AgencyofUSSTwas reorganized on the basis of theformeruniversity journalist association.Itsgoalis to make itself a student association that promotes consensus through news and publicity and enhances the university's social influence. Thedevelopmentorientationof Hujiang News Agency is to contribute to the reform and development ofeducation by boosting the influence of the university and itsaffiliatecolleges,cultivating bettercampus culture andtalents. Thedefiningfeatures of Hujiang News Agency are: co-construction betweentheuniversity and media and co-construction betweentheuniversity andits colleges.The purpose ofthe co-construction betweentheuniversity and mediais toenhance the members’qualifications andcareer opportunities; the purpose ofthe co-construction betweentheuniversity andits colleges isto strengthen the members’focus andtheir sense ofvalueidentity. The Hujiang News Agency isin the chargeof the Secretary-General. It has three departments: the editing department, the imaging department and theadministrationoffice. At the same time, relying on the human resources of the editingandthe imaging department, the chief reporter teamisset uphorizontallyto build a collaborativeplatform for the project within the association,topromote andfulfillthe integrated planning andmulti-platform communicationinediting.


KarateClubofUSSTwas established in 1998. With the aim ofimprovingpeople’sfitness, theassociationcenterson Karatepractice,providing members withamulti-levelplatformfortheircomprehensive development.The associationissupervisedby the national senior coach Shi Zhankui.Our club offersa variety ofqualitytraining programs,such asregular training,extratraining, intensive training,and specialtraining. We actively participate in all kinds of competitions, and we thinkthat to have a good competitionsystem is the best way to test the results of training. We have participated in all levels of contests and achieved good results,from thenewcomerlevel,school-level martial arts competitions, to the municipal, national, and even the World University Karate Championships. Weare also engaged insocialservicesand community activities, so that students canbetteradaptthemselvesto the association.We actively participate inon-campusactivities to show the spirit ofourmembers,totest theirlearningresult, andtopromote the spirit of karate. We actively combine thespecialized subjectknowledge of the students with the needs of the communityto innovateindesign, applyfor invention patents and patents for utility model, andto promotethe employment of students. We activelyholdpublic welfare activiies, for example, wehave hostedpublic welfare summer camp activities for three consecutive years, and send karate coaches to the summer camps in Yangpu District, andwin unanimous approvalbothon and off campus.For two consecutive years,We have wonthetitle ofStarUniversityAssociations andlisted as one of theNational Top 100 Sports Public Welfare Associations.We arethe only organizationon campustohavereceivedthe title of Five-Star Association for ten consecutive years.


Established in 2011,ChigoSocietyof USST,focuses its efforts onbuilding a public welfare platform,helpingthestudents to walk out of the campustoparticipate in social welfare activities. It alsoprovidesvolunteer services for social welfare projects,political and business forumsetc. It featuresfour departments: Secretariat, Organization Department, Public Relation Department and New Media.For many years in a row, theSocietyhas won the title of Four-Star AssociationorFive-Star Association. In“the 4th Changbai Long-term Aid for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the1stUSSTInnovation Competition”,our“I heart”Public Welfare Cloud Libraryprogramwas giventhe title ofthe Most Potential Award.Duringthe3rdGlobal SME Summit in 2017 and Obama first off-office visit to China, the association won the title of Excellent Management Teambecause of itsoutstanding organizingabilities. In addition, ChigoSocietyhas won the awardofexcellentpartnerbecause of our amazing performancein the program of “LoveundertheSky”which washosted byShanghai Charity Training and Education Foundation(SCTEF), and the Excellent Organization Award issued by Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau(SCAB).Ourvolunteershavereceivedmore than 2,000 outstanding volunteerawards bestowedbySCAB,the Organizing Committee ofChinaYoung Angel Investor Leader Association (CYAILA), Shanghai Social Construction Youth Talent Association(SSCYTA)and other government agencies and non-profit organizations.

5.ShangliMilitary Brigade (SMB)

Shangli Military Brigade(SMB)of USSTis a student association under the leadership of the Armed ForcesSection of the Student Affair Office.It was originally anassociationfor military fans.Established in October 2013,in November 2016,itofficially changed its name to“Shangli Military Brigade”(SMB). The military brigade now has four departments: theadministrationoffice, the national flag escortteam, the special training team and the veterans’home.Theveteran studentsand the studentswho areinterested ininheriting andpromotingthe patriotic spirit andthe military cultureare the pillar of our association.Adheringto the tenet of“focusing on national defense education, serving veteran students, and improving individual ability”,the association has been making efforts toput thepotentials of theveteran studentsinto full use,sharpenthe creativity of military members to promote patriotism and military spirit on campus.One of the outstanding societies ofUSST,Shangli Military Brigade (SMB),inthe spirit ofexploration and braving forward,hasgradually institutionalized itsactivities and November 2017,Inthe series of the theme education activitiesin memory ofthe 90th anniversaryforthe establishment of the Shanghai National Defense Education Association(SNDEA),of all universities in Shanghai,we won the first prize in the National Flag Raising Competition. In the speech competition of “Love Our National Defense”, we won three second prizes andOnethirdprize.


BilliardAssociationof USSTis anassociation thathas been committing itself toinheriting and promoting“the familyatmosphere”. Here, you can experience the pleasure of the collisionbetweenballsand the thrill of hitting the bag, and theexcitement of finally getting the black 8.It is also avenuewhereyou learn how to calm down, how to perfectyourselfin one skill, how to adjust your mindset, and how to adaptyourself to the society at large.Andit is a venuefor you to show your skills,tomakebreakthroughsandto feel warm-heartedas a member of our family.Association members can make their practices atthe billiard trainingroomin the building ofthe School of General Studies, whilethey are encouraged tohostorparticipate in on and off campusactivitiesand competitions. The association has wona series of honors and titles such asFive Star Association in the 2016-2017 school year,the Best Organizerin“theFirst Shuiquuo Shanghai BilliardChampionship”in 2016.Our member was a champion inStopOneand was a runner up in thefinals in the individual competition.In“2016Yangpu Four School Puer 8-ball Championship”, our member was arunner-up,ourteamwonchampionship;we also wontitle of Four Stars in the 2017-2018 school year;In“2017 Shuiquuo Cup,Shanghai BilliardChampionship”, one member won champion in stop threein individual competitionand our team was ranked fourthin the finals.TheBilliardAssociationhasbeen adhering to the policy of promoting billiardand sportsculture byparticipating inactivities and competitions,so that morestudents can understand and participate in thegame.

7.JA Association

JAassociationprovidesUSSTstudents withjob training,sharpenstheirinnovative entrepreneurial skillsandoffersthem a platform to engage in social service. The purpose of the association is tocultivate bettertalents withits brand programs.Theresources,the associationoffers,include:assistance fromthe school employment guidance center,fromthe school employment and entrepreneurship instructors,andfromJA China Top 500 Senior Consultant Lecturer Groupandaplatform for participating in public welfare education.Our association also holdsa variety ofactivitieson a regular basis,suchasinviting senior human resourceexecutives tolecturestudents on job training,inviting entrepreneurship instructors to hold seminars on innovation and entrepreneurship; providing students with visits and internships to Fortune 500 enterprises; andofferingstudentsopportunities towork asvolunteers.

8.Yanling Animation Association

Yanling Animation Association ofUSSTwas established in 2003. Asone of the time-honoredassociations, itwasofficially listed as aFive-Star Association.Asonememberof“ShangmengLeague”(thenickname forUniversity Animation Associationin Shanghai)it hosts theannualYanling Festival campus liveand has close interaction and cooperation withtheanimation associationsfrom otheruniversitiesin Shanghai.It featuresfive major departments: COSPLAY Stage Department, House Dance WOTA Art Department, Painting Department, Music Department, and Voice Department. These five departmentsproperlycover therange of the activitiesthat the ACG cultural enthusiasts are interested in.our memberscanchoosetheir favoritedepartmentsbytheir preferences. The five departmentsorganize both online and offline activities aroundour brand event,the annual Yanling Festival.

9.Inspur Imaging Association

Inspur Imaging Association is anassociationfor movie fans.Itfocuses on movie sharing and microfilm production. With the aim of sharing thebeautyof art, we provide students with the opportunity to appreciateblockbustermovies, andoffer thema platformto communicate and interact with other movie lovers on campus.Withthe popularity of watching filmsin Shanghaion the rise,theassociationhopesto follow the trend andencouragesstudents tobe well informed ofthedomestic and internationalfilm marketand make and keep contact withyoung directors.Meanwhile,ourAssociation actively communicates and cooperates with othertypesocieties andmoviesocieties ofotheruniversities, and organizes the jointfilmexhibitionwith other universities in Shanghai(such asFudan Univerisy, Jiaotong University, DonghuaUniversity, Tongji University, Shanghai University, Shanghai Maritime Affairs and Shang Normal University) to create opportunities forlearning from each other.

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