Management Science and Engineering Discipline

​In 2017, it has accomplished the construction tasks of the Super-Network Research Center, China-Canada Joint Research Center of Transportation, the E-Commerce Database, and the International Joint Research Center for Human-Machine Integration. During the construction period of this discipline (2016), it was also as approved to establish the National Experiment Virtual Simulation Teaching Center of Modern Enterprise Operation (see the Ministry of Education letter [2016] No. 6), and Shanghai Key Research Base of Arts. Added to the National Economic Management Experimental Teaching Center built early, the discipline boasts two national-level platforms and one provincial-level platform.

As of July 2018, researchers belonging to the “System Science” discipline have published 194 papers of various classifications in 2018, including 3 ESI papers, 63 SCI Q1&2 papers, and 128 papers from other SCI quartiles and Category A. The total number of on-going research projects is 60, including 23 state-level projects and 19 provincial/ministerial-level ones. The discipline has also won 8 teaching awards, of which 7 are provincial/ministerial-level. The awards in talent training total 25, of which 9 are state-level and 25 are provincial/ministerial-level. The discipline has also applied for 10 patents and compiled 7 monographs and textbooks. In general, the performance target has consistently been reached.

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