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USST Graduates Head into a Bright Future

July 5, 2020 | By Li Rui | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

The graduation summer season sees a new starting point for 2020 graduates this year. Some graduates have found jobs they like while others have decided to pursue further studies. For many of them, graduation means the season of harvest. Armed with what they have gained over these past years, they are heading into a brighter future.
Chen Du noted: "unlimited campus life led her to a new learning career. "
In May, Chen Du, a senior student from the College of Communication and Art Design, received a short admission message from the School of Arts at Peking University on her mobile phone. She was admitted into Peking University through four years of unlimited efforts. The Postgraduate Entrance Examination is only one part. “I think the gap between people can be large or small, so we don’t need to limit ourselves to a very small area. I believe everyone can embrace a better future if we try more and think more.”
Chen began to collect information about the Postgraduate Entrance Examination when she was a sophomore, and made a detailed plan. After searching the official websites of several universities, reading papers about related majors and consulting with teachers and senior students, Chen finally decided to apply for a film-related major at Peking University. “After a year of preparation, I started to learn from the moment I opened my eyes in the morning. I went to a movie occasionally because of major requirements, trying to figure out the narrative rhythm, characters, artistic style, etc.” Looking to the future, Chen hopes to encourage younger students not to limit themselves. At USST, everyone should be aware of what they really want, and try their best to fight for it. Don't be bothered by temporary confusion.

Zhu Jiacheng claimed: "one should act as a know-it-all for others."
Zhu Jiacheng, a 2020 postgraduate from the School of Mechanical Engineering, shared his USST experiences at the graduation ceremony.
Zhu joined the Postgraduate Students’ Union when he entered USST. Each time when someone met difficulties, Zhu would be asked for his help. After devoting his time to these students’ work, he often gained life values and unexpected surprises. “Everyone has got something they enjoy. I believe that no matter what it is, if they try hard, they will benefit a lot in the future,” he told us. What was brought to Zhu is not only self-fulfillment, but also the ability to deal with difficulties. In group interviews for recruitment, Zhu can always make up a team quickly and make effective decisions. He took on the role of "leader" in over ten group interviews. Now he is about to complete the employee on-boarding process of a well-known central enterprise in Shanghai, putting a satisfactory end to his postgraduate career.

Hou Jie commented: "the Chemistry Reaction between interest and major created opportunities for his career development."
In President Ding Xiaodong's message to 2020 graduates, Hou Jie was the only student that was pointed out directly by President Ding. Nowadays, the game industry is warmly welcomed by the younger generation. Obsessed with game development, Hou created a wonderful “Chemical Reaction” between his obsession and his future career development.
Hou attended a lecture on Virtual Reality when he was a freshman, which changed his understanding of games. Since then, he has participated in Virtual Reality Game Training courses every week for three years to learn: Computer Graphics, Game Network Technique, Game AI Architecture, Virtual Reality, Interactive Experience and other professional knowledge. He also participated in a full-time closed training camp related to game software design, founded a VR fans club, and joined the game development team to complete a project.
These experiences also helped him successfully pass the written examination for an alumni enterprise at Shanghai Zhuodao Medical Technology Co., Ltd. The HR manager was impressed by him at the first sight. After collecting relevant information about the company, Hou Jie made the decision. “This company focuses on the research and development and application of rehabilitation robots and intelligent rehabilitation solutions, which reminds me of my grandfather who is paralyzed in bed because of apoplexia. The role of an ‘Intelligent Rehabilitation Engineer’ enables me to blend game elements with rehabilitation training equipment to help apoplexia and hemiplegic patients get rid of boring and mechanical rehabilitation training. I want to help more people who are suffering from the same disease as my grandfather’s,” said he.

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