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Zaid Shows his Strength and Wisdom in Entrepreneurship

July 17, 2020 | By ISO | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

Zaid Al-huthi, a former master’s student who majored in thermal engineering in School of Energy and Power Engineering of USST, is the CEO and founder of an engineering company based in Shanghai, the MEP SOLUTIONS. Now, MEP SOLUTIONS maintain profound relationship with USST. 3 international students from Kenya and Yemen, who are currently studying in USST, received training there. 2 of them are Ph.D students. MEP SOLUTIONS have trained students from universities in and out of Shanghai, like Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Donghua University, Shanghai University, Shanghai Normal University, Zhejiang Sci-tech University, etc. MEP SOLUTIONS also help students with their research and development in workshops and helped them succeed with their thesis, in two majors of mechanical engineering and civil engineering. “Workshops for USST students are free because they are from his home university,” said Zaid.


Zaid was one of the two international students in school of Energy and Power Engineering when he got enrolled in September of 2014, and then graduated with his Chinese peers in 2018, who all time welcomed him as friend and a brother. He made a lot of good friends when he studied in USST, some of those friendships he cherishes till this day. “Without the friendships I would have not been able to succeed and integrate in USST. The words I have for the teachers of USST are not enough to describe the amount of gratitude for them,” he admitted. One of his best friends in USST was teacher Gorlin Zhang from ISO. Of course his dear supervisor Professor Fengxian Fan was a role model and guide. He also received significant guidance from Professor Su Mingxu,and many other teachers like teacher Hua (ISO).

Professor Fengxian Fan (fourth from the left in the picture)Professor Mingxu Su (first from the left in the picture)

Zaid participated in various cultural, national, and sport activities in USST. He took the lead as captain of the international students Dragon Boat Team several times, and organized cultural pavilions with other peers and friends. He went on cultural tours to understand the diversity and authenticity of Chinese history. Most importantly, he loved every bit of those activities adding to his understanding of China and enriching his personal experience.

As a former researcher in particle dynamics and with his background in mechanical engineering, power engineering and working experience in aviation and training, he started the company focusing primarily on improving the quality of international student graduates by facilitating training in numerical simulation and modeling in fields of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Explicit Dynamics (AUTODYN). The vision of MEP SOLUTIONS is to help companies, career engineers and engineering students build technical knowledge, to offer technical services and consultancy in aviation and conduct research and development in the fields of numerical modeling and simulations.

 Video Clips of MEP SOLUTIONS

The company cooperates with other companies, including a local company in Xiamen, in the aviation training and maintenance sector, and has trained Chinese engineers in airframe structure, powerplant and aviation regulations & publications based on the American FAA license program and FAA license examination preparation. As an example, MEP SOLUTIONS does training for Chinese engineers in Shanghai Civil Aviation College. The company also enjoys good aviation resources overseas and offers technical services in aviation and ground handling equipment.

MEP SOLUTIONS  initialized a Youth Development Program targeting foreign engineering students from all over China, offering free and partially sponsored online and offline training workshops for students from developing countries. The program aims to make foreign graduates more skill-oriented in the competitive Chinese market, furthermore improve the foreign graduates R&D skills as they return to their home countries making them valuable assets in their homeland development.
The next move of the company is, as put by Zaid “I am working on EASA (European) licensing for Chinese engineers, because the FAA license (American) will be more complicated within the next couple of years.”
An offline workshop will be coming up in August. The company will have foreign engineers who work in Chinese companies and foreign engineering students who are looking to improving their skills.

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