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Implement the Cultivation of Outstanding Undergraduate Talents to Optimize the Undergraduate Governance Structure

August 4, 2020

The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) has always adhered to the goal of cultivating “first-class undergraduate” talents, continuously upgrading its undergraduate cultivation model, and improving the quality of its undergraduate talents cultivation quality and management service. In 2020, the Undergraduate College (putting the Academic Affairs Office, the Students Affairs Office, the Centralized School of Fundamental Courses, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Public Experiments Center under centralized management ) was formally and officially established, promoting the organic integration of undergraduates’ moral education, professional education, innovation and entrepreneurship education. It signals that USST’s governance system of its undergraduates education has entered a new stage, and its governance effectiveness of undergraduates education  has kept improving.

In the eyes of Gan Yi, dean of the College of Undergraduates, the establishment of the College of Undergraduates is a pioneering effort for USST to further promote the construction of a high-level university and cultivate first-class talents. In the future, all the departments within the university will make concerted efforts to actively link teaching with learning, actively integrate moral education into talents cultivation, focus on the goal of effectively cultivating students into full-grown talents, and strive to enhance the core competitiveness of undergraduate education and teaching.
Sheng Chun, deputy secretary of the USST Party Committee and vice president of USST maintains that the establishment of the College of Undergraduates is the university’s major policy made by the USST, a major measure to advance its undergraduate education reform and an effective way to achieve the goal of its undergraduate talent training. By speeding up the integration process of the College of Undergraduates, all departments within the college will work closely with each other to promote the steady progress of various tasks and maximize the efficiency of undergraduate education.
Zhang Hua, vice president of USST, holds that the role of the College of Undergraduates involves and integrates all the processes such as enrollment, training, management, service, and employment. It is an institution for both management service and research. All departments within the university will not only strengthen their management service but also their research work. The College of Undergraduates should put students first, focus on talents cultivation, strengthen system construction, and form a good situation of integrated development and coordinated progress to make their due contributions to the development of the university and its cultivation of the students.



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