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SBC Virtual Open Day for July 2020 Accomplished A Success

August 5, 2020 | By SBC | Copyedited by Zhangliu

From Starting on 20th July, SBC hosted a Virtual Open Day for the first time. The Each aspect of British teaching, student lifes, and lecturers, campus culture and each aspect had beenwas showed highlighted through VHALL and Tencent live-streaming, which presented four-year university life in at SBC, to attract potential students to choose SBC.

There were two online sharing meetings about life and study in SBC. 20th July, the first meeting hosting by Lily Lin, Recruitment Director of SBC, invited Joyce Zhang, Head of Student Management, student entrepreneurship instructor; and Eric Jin, Head of Career Service & Development, secretary general of SBC alumni. Also, the meeting invited students including YAN Yiyi, Class of 2019, majoring Business Management, has been obtained bachelor degree in University of Leeds, master degree in Imperial College London; and 2018 outstanding student, WANG Ruiyang majoring Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Durig the live streaming, YAN Yiyi said, SBC helps her leaving away from boring life in high school, and provides her many opportunities to getting close in academy and career development. WANG Ruiyang who are going to study in the University of Sheffield still remember his experience from starting his university life in T1 to becoming a top student on Engineering, he said, nothing is difficult until you have already experienced.

The second meeting taking “Academy, Scientific Research, Student Community” as a theme played on 29th July, which hosted by Aviva Gao, Student Tutor; and invited Class of 2020, HU Ziwei who are going to start postgraduate life in London School of Economics and Political Science with bachelor degree of University of Leeds; 2017 Event Management student, ZENG Ziyue; 2017 Electrical and Electronic Engineering student, WU Junzhe. The meeting starting from a Q&A part to show student activities in SBC. As leaders of student activities, they shared their experiences in SBC opening ceremony, summer practice of paper-cutting culture and RoboMaster Competition respectively. They said, Faith, commitment and persistence are indispensable factors on the road to success.

Additionally, online academic course is an also important part of SBC Virtual Open Day. On 25th July, the first academic course had been held on Tencent. Tony Ryan, Senior Lecturer of the School of Business and Management came with a course “Truly Digital Convergence: Digital Business and E-Commerce”, 2019 Electrical and Electronic Engineering student, ZHANG Shuyang hosted the meeting. Tony compared digital commerce with e-commerce from the conference site hosted by the global manufacturer e-commerce team; and guided students to discuss the great influence of science and technology on five forces model through online group. Students who participated in the class actively interacted with him, and Tony answered them patiently.

Poster of Tony Ryan

The second academic course by Dr Lee Henderson, Head of the School of Business and Management and Senior Lecturer. He started from the importance of interest on major, and some basic knowledge of business by inviting students to brainstorm. He made a case study on the sales of popular clothing brands, which opened the door of students' business thinking in a special way. Lee's unique and humorous teaching method attracted every student in the live meeting. The online demo class gave them a basic understanding of professional terms related to business management. They positively answered questions and interacted with Lee. Lee was looking forward to seeing all the students in the new semester, and posted his email for students who have questions.

Poster of  Lee Henderson

SBC Virtual Open Day for July 2020 successfully accomplished! It will continue on August, please pay attention.

Live-streaming re-play Link:
The first online meeting: https://v.qq.com/x/page/m3120qqhygs.html

"Academy Scientific Research, Student Community” meeting": https://v.qq.com/x/page/r3126r4skws.html

Truly Digital Convergence: Digital Business and E-Commerce: https://v.qq.com/x/page/m3123fj1xdi.html

How Does Finance Help in Business: https://v.qq.com/x/page/x3126pzy4r3.html


Source from Sino-British College

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