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Ep Ⅱ|Records of USST-ers During the Summer Holidays

August 21, 2020 | By Lu Wen | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

Under the scorching sun, professor Liu Na from the School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering with students from the Institute of Machine Intelligence is collecting data in Zhengzhou East Railway Station West Square and the Forest of Zhengzhou which are overcrowded with people streaming. They are going through the trash cans in an organized manner. Some of them are responsible for sorting out the trash, some others recording it on paper. For the intelligent cleaning robot they are developing, the trash is deemed as treasure for big data algorithm learning.

The intelligent cleaning robot mentioned above is different from its domestic peers. As a new member of the Institute of Machine Intelligence of USST, besides the capabilities of actively discovering rubbish in the work area and grabbing it independently and intelligently, the robot’s trump is to climb stairs and obstacles up to 15cm high in an independent and continuous way with an omnidirectional movement system. In order to ensure its ability to recognize more garbage of different sizes, colors, and shapes, manual collection is required to provide samples for the learning of big data algorithms, so that the robot's vision algorithm for intelligent identification and garbage location keeps improving.

"The globe is now hit by the pandemic. Crowded areas like train stations are major prevention areas that are prone to cross-infection. If cleaning robots can eventually replace sanitation workers, the prevention and control of pandemics is to well benefit from it. I sincerely hope what we are doing will make a difference." said Liu.

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