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USST Holds Its 2020 Sports Culture Festival and Track and Field Sports Meet

October 28, 2020 | By Zhang Bei | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

On October 23rd, USST held its 2020 Sports Culture Festival and Track and Field Sports Meet on its No. 516 Jungong Road campus. All the university leaders as well as teachers and students of its colleges and schools attended the opening ceremony, which was presided over by Vice President Zhang Hua.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Vice President Zhang Hua

The president Ding Xiaodong delivered an opening speech, stressing that sports serves as an important way to improve people's health, as well as an important means to fulfill their aspirations for a better life and promote man's all-rounded  development. USST has long been attaching great importance to sports, and most of the teachers and students have also maintained a fine tradition of enthusiasm for sports and exercise. In the days of fighting against the epidemic in 2020, USSTers took active actions to fully demonstrate the spirit of unity, cooperation, hard work and enterprising sportsmanship, fully demonstrating the conduct of USSTers! At present, USST is comprehensively promoting the integrated reform of "All-round Education" in three aspects and is about to achieve a new round of development in the "14th Five-Year Plan". The school will further accelerate the construction of stadiums and sports facilities, continue to deepen the reform of physical teaching education, and create a strong sports cultural atmosphere with great efforts to provide a better sports environment and conditions for teachers and students.

President Ding Xiaodong delivered an opening speech

At the opening ceremony, 16 teams from various colleges and schools marched past the rostrum in turn following the National Flag Team, presenting everyone a wonderful march-in performance. The formations were not only unified and high-spirited, they also reflect their USST's respective teaching features and results, and demonstrated the pioneering and innovative as well as undaunted spirit of USSTers. The opening ceremony ended smoothly accompanied by the student's cultural and sports performances as well as dragon and lion dance show.

In the track and field competitions, the athletes worked hard, united and cooperated, to which the audience extended enthusiastic services and cheers.

Liu Daoping, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of USST and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, delivered a closing speech. He pointed out that the Sports Culture Festival and Track and Field Sports Meet are an important measure for USST to comprehensively promote quality-oriented education. It is also an important carrier for enhancing school cohesion and enriching campus cultural life, and more importantly, the concentrated display of the physical quality, sports level and spiritual appearance of teachers and students in USST. It is hoped that all teachers and students will take it as an opportunity to persist in physical exercises under the normalized prevention and control of the pandemic, promote sports spirits, release sports forces, and get the spirit of unity, hard work and progress to penetrate into our work, study, and life, and compose a more gorgeous chapter in coming days.

Liu Daoping, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of USST  delivered a closing speech

    Sheng Chun, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of USST, addressed a speech

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