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Research Achievements Made by USSTer's Team Received Attention from Premier Li

November 19, 2020 | By Dong Xiaofei | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

On November 3, Li Keqiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, visited Zhongyuan Science and Technology City in Zhengdong New District when inspecting in Henan province. In Origin Dynamics Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as “Origin Dynamics”), Li Qingdu, executive director of USST’s Research Institute of Machinery Intelligence and president of Origin Dynamics Research Institute of Intelligent Robot Innovation, reported to Li Keqiang the innovative technologies and a series of achievements developed by the team.

According to reports from Xinhua News Agency and other China central media, after scrutinizing and learning about the research and development progress of sensors, reducers and other important links, Li Keqiang pointed out that the key to robotic research and development depends on algorithms, while the key to algorithms depends on mathematics. China has a huge market, so it is necessary to promote application and integration innovation. However, in order to achieve a real innovative breakthrough, the researchers must be patient for success and polish up their learning of mathematics with the grit and determination.
“Our principal team members listened to the prime minister’s instruction, and everyone felt very excited and encouraged. As scientific and technological workers, we must do our best so long as our country needs us. While establishing the research foundation, we should overcome the difficulties in scientific and technological innovation. Only in this way can we have no regrets in our life and be worth  the expectations of our motherland,” said Li Qingdu.

The appearance of USST’s scientific research team in the Origin Dynamics Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd has attracted the attention of Premier Li Keqiang, which cannot be separated from the solid cooperative foundation USST has laid with Origin Dynamics Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. It is a new type of scientific innovation enterprise led by the scientific research team of University of Hamburg and USST, operated by the Sino-German Innovation Alliance team. In July of this year, the enterprise donated 1 million yuan to set up “Origin Dynamics Incentive Fund” in USST in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers and students to participate in the research and development of intelligent robots. At the same time, Origin Dynamics Intelligent Robot Co.,Ltd also set up an industry-university-research cooperation and training base at the company’s headquarter to provide supports for teachers and students’ projects. In mid-October, Sheng Chun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice-president of USST, led a team to visit Origin Dynamics Intelligent Robot Co.,Ltd and exchange ideas with heads of the company. Lin Jie, general manager of the company,said, “Thanks to the technological accumulation of USST, our professional team has made several breakthroughs in robot-related core technologies within a short period of time. As a industry-university-research cooperation and training base of USST, our company strives to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and speed up the development of new products so as to give strong impetus to the accumulation and development of technology.”

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