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Shanghai High-end Medical Equipment Innovation Centre Unveiled at USST

November 22, 2020 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

Over 159 cooperative projects have been launched of which 7 expert argumentation have enjoyed industrial value, among which 3 have been registered for a company; “automatic detention system of Covid-19 and severely acute pathogenic virus” has been listed in pandemic projects undertaken by the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Such items as operation suture, high-frequency electrotome have been applauded in a clinical trial. Also, 450 medical-engineering interdisciplinary postgraduates have been trained under cooperation program. There have been13 workshops conducted in Class 3 First-Level hospitals in Shanghai.

After more than one year’s preparation, planning and construction, guided by the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission and supported by some other commissions, offices and administrations, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) joined  hands with 7 partners such as Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai Institute of Microsystems and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and United Imaging Co., Ltd to establish the Shanghai High-end Medical Equipment Innovation Center and initiated the Yangtze River Delta High-end Medical Equipment Innovation Alliance. On November 14th, present at the meeting were Zong Ming, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Government and some leaders of commissions, offices and administrations, who together witnessed the unveiling ceremony of the Shanghai High-end Medical Equipment Innovation Center and all expected to make new sci-tech achievements in high-end medical equipment.

Wu Jincheng, Director of Shanghai Economic and Information Comission delivered a speech in the meeting

“General Secretary Xi pointed out that the scientific and technological development must target the global science frontiers, serve the main economic battlefield, strive to fulfill the significant needs of the country and benefit people’s health at a symposium on scientists. On November 12th, Xi urged the achievement of major innovations in basic science and technology and major breakthroughs in key and core technologies. He also called for speeding up the creation of world-class industrial clusters in sectors including integrated circuits, biomedicine and artificial intelligence at the Celebration Ceremony of the 30th Anniversary of the Development of the Opening-up of Pudong. The establishment of Shanghai High-end Medical Equipment Innovation Centre is right at the best time,” said Wu Jianyong, Secretary of Party Committee of USST.

Wu Jianyong, Secretary of Party Committee of USST, delivered a speech in the meeting

It was reported that run by its legal entity Shanghai Liwei Medical Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai High-end Medical Equipment depends on the Yangtze River Delta High-end Medical Equipment Innovation Alliance, “One Belt & One Road” Medical Device Innovation and Application Alliance. It will comprehensively manage procedures including: design, R&D, test, accreditation and quantitative production. It will focus on medical demands, targeting the high-end medical equipment technological frontier, addressing problems in pattern innovation and industrial similarity, promoting leapfrog industrial development,  and offering compound talents for serving high-end medical equipment.

USST President Ding Xiaodong delivered a speech in the meeting

USST President Ding Xiaodong put forward that fast tracking of “reciprocal links among basic research, applied research and industrialization” should be implemented. we should continue to tackle difficulties in medical-engineering interdisciplinary areas, dock and serve the human health industry, speed up the key technological upgrading of high-end medical equipment, construct an innovation system focusing on integration of government, industry, higher education, research, hospitals and applications, contributing to an industrial ecology that fosters highly interconnected innovation, industrial and value chains.

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