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USSTers Elected on Honorary Lists for Super Researchers

December 4, 2020 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by Alex, Zhang Liu

Recently, the winners funded by 2020 National Science Fund for distinguished young scholars were announced. Prof. Ai Lianzhong from School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering was on the list of winners.
The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars is set up to promote the growth of young science and technology talents, speed up the cultivation of an array of academic heads in world’s scientific frontline. The fund was established in 1994 and gave appraisal once a year. The appraisal procedure was strict and fewer than 10% of applicants could be funded. For more than two decades, the national science fund has become the national iconic and influential high-end project funds for talents of science and technology, and an important platform for personal growth of young scholars.

Clarivate Analytics released its 2020 list of “Highly cited Researchers”. Prof. Wei Guoliang from the College of Science of USST was selected into the interdisciplinary field since the first nomination in 2019.
“ Highly cited researchers” were chosen by Biblio-metrological experts in Clarivate Analytics by analyzing the citation data of such 21 disciplinary branches as natural science and social science from data base Web of Science. The list announced these researchers with the most highly-cited papers in all areas, meaning that they gained the greatest recognition in terms of their citation influences.

In recent years, putting the strategy of talents strengthening university first, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology put efforts into introducing, training and cultivating talents, adding continuous innovative vigor to tackling problems in sci-tech research, advancing the escalation of competitiveness and influence by enhancing overall strength of talents team. USST established a platform by implementing a number of talents plans and carried out a series of support policies to spur research motivation and working enthusiasm of talents and help a group of mid-young scientists stand out the most.

A Brief Introduction of Prof. Ai Lianzhong

Ai Lianzhong, executive vice dean of graduate school, director of discipline construction office, professor of School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering, doctoral supervisor, USST,director of Shanghai Food Microbes Engineering Technology Research Center, director of China Food Science Technology Academy and Youth Committee, director of China Domesticated Animal Products Processing Academy,has been listed into many national-level and ministerial-level talents plans. He mainly engaged in the breeding and use of fine food microbes, R& D of dairy products and polysaccharide. He presided over and undertook more than 20 projects such as “973” Plan Project, National Natural Science Foundation,and won 11 sci-tech prizes for the projects he chaired or involved in. He won 56 authorized invention patents. He published over 200 research papers, among which 100 or more were listed in SCI. He engaged in the compilation of 2 English works.

 A Brief  Introduction of Prof. Wei Guoliang

Wei Guoliang, dean of College of Science, professor, doctoral supervisor, USST, German Humboldt Scholar, American Mathematical Commentator, deputy editor of International SCI Index Journal Neurocomputing,director of Chinese Association of Automation. In recent years, he has made a series of achievements in industrial complex system control and filtering, network control and signal processing, sensor filtering, moving object location, robotic control, visual optimization, big data and AI algorithm. He presided over 3 national natural science funds, and published more than 100 academic papers in international journals like Automatica, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on Circuit and Systems, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Systems and Control Letters, among which 19 papers are highly cited.

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