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Mental Health Education Center Becomes Typical in Shanghai Universities

December 9, 2020 | By Dong Xiaofei | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

In order to further advance the education on mental health in universities and effectively improve the mental health quality of university students, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission launched a new round of work on the application and selection for the Mental Health Education and Counseling Demonstration Center in Shanghai universities in the first half of this year. After the application, defense, expert review, online announcement, USST, together with other universities like Fudan University, Tongji University, East China Normal University, East China University of Science and Technology, Donghua University, has joined the ranks of the Mental Health Education and Counseling Demonstration Center for Universities in Shanghai (2021-2025).

The Mental Health Education Center, USST, was set up in 1998. In 2008, USST was rated as a standard center for mental health education and counselling in Shanghai universities. For more than a decade, the center has made great efforts to improve and perfect the working mechanism of mental health education, strengthen the professional training of full-time and part-time psychological counseling teachers, update working ideas and modes, and enrich the mental health education activities of college students. A great deal of exploration and practice has been done in the construction of the mental health community shared by teachers and students, the integration of  psychological education in elementary schools, middle schools, and colleges and universities, the combination of psychological medicine and education, peer psychological counseling, and the traditional cultural psychological education mode. It has distinctive features and achieved remarkable results recognized by experts and society, and has won many honorary titles.

Mental Health Education and Counseling Demonstration Center's being selected not only fully confirms the previous work for mental health education of USST, but also becomes an incentive for the future relative work. USST will further the school’s mental health education connotation construction, fully excavate characteristics and resource advantages in the mental health education. Under the construction ofhigh-level university, USST will emphatically carry out the mental health education and professional counsulting training, academic exchange and the practical education activities for schools throughout Shanghai, so as to give play to its radiating and leading role in a larger scope.

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