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BRMDIA Initiated by USST for Major Health

December 18, 2020 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by Alex, Zhang Liu

On December 8th, after one-year plan, preparation, and implementation, led by University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, the founding of the Belt & Road Medical Device Innovation and Application Alliance was announced, aiming to build a shared community of medical device destiny, and establish an eco-system full of vitality focused on innovative application of industry-learning-research in medical device.

It is reported that “One Belt, One Road” medical device innovation and application alliance echoes the strategy of “the belt and road” initiative, to achieve global resources sharing, complementary advantages, innovative application, overall improvement. Its Membership has increased from 19 to 55, chiefly coming from 18 countries: China, Singapore, Israel, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, America, Romania, Netherlands, Pakistan, Serbia, Slovenia, Korea, Malaysia, Switzerland, Brazil, Portugal, covering units such as universities, industrial association, medical device industry, large dealer, science park, third-party medical service agency, and attorney office.

“In June of this year, General Secretary Xi pointed out in a written welcome via video that a shared community of destiny should be advanced through high-quality “One Belt & One Road” construction. In May, at the symposium for scientists, Xi listed “benefiting people’s lives and health” as one of “Four Targets”, against which the “One Belt& One Road” medical device innovation and application alliance sprung up. Our objective is to build an international influential medical device innovation platform, becoming a positive incentive for advancing the development of medical device innovation and application along “One Belt & One Road” countries, and sound development of global health,” said USST President, director of “One Belt & One Road”medical device innovation and application commission.

Based on the long-standing profound exchange and exploration of advantageous integration, the agreements in research cooperation, investment cooperation and academic exchange have been signed at the unveiling ceremony.
After the initiation of the alliance, the first “One Belt& One Road” medical device innovation forum was hosted in which experts from 7 countries delivered keynote speeches centering on “innovate medical device, protect human health”. “In the future, ‘One Belt & One Road’ medical device innovation forum will become an annual party for us to continuously promote the deep exchange, dock, integration and cooperation between medical device innovation units,” said Cheng Yunzhang, deputy dean of School of Medical Device and Food Engineering, and secretary of medical device innovation and application alliance.

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