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SBC Makes Innovation and Entrepreneurship More International and Educational

January 8, 2021 | By Wang Yu | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

The innovation and entrepreneurship work at SBC goes smoothly. There are different activities in SBC through online platforms and in-person this year to promote innovation and entrepreneurship education.

SBC held the second quarter of the  research lecture series, which received a positive response from students. With the results of questionnaire after each lecture, we learn more about the learning requirements of our students, and to help students better.
Defining the objectives of student cultivation from cooperative enterprise
For better education to meet the industry needs, Dr. Lun Tong, a senior lecturer and Programme Leader in Engineering School, members of SBC’s academic team visited Harsom Front. They had learned about innovative training, technical innovation services, industrial development needs, providing directions for SBC’s employment.
In order to stimulate students’ motivation for business,, and help them make career plans, SBC alumni association invited renowned alumni to make a video “Creation Night”, which is reposted by many mainstream media, such as learning power, Xinhua News, etc.

Introducing scientific and innovation resources with industry-academy cooperation
Against a background of industry-academy cooperation, SBC invited HAN Tao, the General Manager of Harsom Front, XU Feng from LEIA Inc, WEI Jingjing, CEO of TUNICORN Technology, and XIONG Bin from Dilemu Education to SBC to discuss the industry links. They are all willing to cooperate with SBC and help students who are interested in high tech.
At SBC, we consistently explore new models of innovation and entrepreneurship education for new courses, and arrange artificial intelligence and other related research topics for senior students with cooperative enterprise. Also, we invite industry-related experts, research content and methods with lecturers and students.

Leading students’ career plan and promote practice
To expand campus platform for practice, SBC builds an 1100-square-meter Innovation Leadership Centre with abundant functions, which focused on students’ requirements and academic education system.
Cooperating with ‘Internet+’ competition demonstration centre, SBC launched the second quarter of scientific research lecture series. From the beginning of March, HAN Tao, WEI Jingjing and other entrepreneurs gave lectures about employment separately. And Professor XIA Kun from USST introduced electronic competition design to enhance students’ creation awareness. In the last two lectures, GUO Peiming from USST library and Dr Vincent ZHANG teaching EAP in SBC came with e-library introduction and reference reading approach for students’ better understanding on scientific research.
Entrepreneurship makes dreams come true and innovation lead the future. SBC always listen to voices of students, and establish good platforms for cultivating more excellent students.

Source from Sino-British College

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