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A Visit to Shanghai Huahong Group for Industry-University-Research Integrated Development

April 1, 2021 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

To further serve national strategic needs, chart a new development direction, expand new cooperation area, the delegation led by school leaders went to Shanghai Huahong Group for an investigation and communication. During the talk, both sides had discussion over such issues as joint cultivation, collaborative innovation and achievements transfer.

Zhang Suxin, party secretary and president of Huahong Group extended warm welcome to the arrival of USST delegation, and sent thanks to USST for transferring high-quality talents to USST over the past few years. He pointed out that with distinctive features, outstanding advantages and remarkable interdisciplinary achievements, USST reach the compromise in many areas with Huahong Group, and has trained such engineering talents as integrated circuit industry needs. He hoped that on a basis of friendly collaboration, to satisfy actual demands, they would reach a precise dock, improve school-enterprise collaboration pattern, and explore talents cultivation system of the integration between industry and education, or science and education, better satisfying the demands of USST’s talents cultivation and academic research, and promoting the future development of Huahong Group.

Zhang Suxin, party secretary and president of Huahong Group, delivered a speech at the ceremony

USST president Ding Xiaodong gave detailed introduction to school’s historical origin, disciplinary construction, talents cultivation reform, school-enterprise collaboration. He expressed that school kept close contact with Huahong in precise manufacture, optical engineering. Both sides should bring resources advantages into full play, target international frontier competition, serve the national strategy, integrate industry and teaching, provide constant motivation for high-tech industrial development. They can deepen the collaboration in cultivation of intelligent manufacture talents, science and technology innovation and collaboration, science technology achievements transfer, innovation strategy source capabilities, making a breakthrough in key technologies.

USST president Ding Xiaodong delivered a speech at the meeting

Wu Jianyong, secretary of party committee of USST, extended thanks to enthusiastic reception from Huahong Group. He pointed out that continuously focused on national science, technology innovation strategy and local socio-economic development needs, USST relies upon, serves and motivates industrial development, transferring science strength to productive force, contributing the wisdom and power to Shanghai’s “four brands” and science innovation center construction, and sent a large number of talents to medical device industry. Both sides should focus on revolutionary technologies, put more efforts in key technologies, strengthen ties in interdisciplinary innovation integration, joint cultivation of talents, and form a new environment for emerging strategic industrial areas like integrated circuit and artificial intelligence in Shanghai.

Wu Jianyong, secretary of party committee of USST,delivered a speech at the meeting

Huahong Group, a manufacture company which owns the advanced chip craftsman technologies, has becoming a symbol for China’s 909 Project. Its business ranges from research, development and manufacture of integrated circuit, distribution of electronic device, to intelligent system application. Up till now, more than 200 USST graduates have been employed by Huahong Group.

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