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Wang E’nuo Published the Paper in European Times

May 31, 2021 | By Zhang Tianpei | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

May 28th marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Austria. On May 21, Wang E’nuo, an associate professor of the Department of German in College of Foreign Languages, USST, published the article titled “Equal Dialogue and Friendly Exchanges between China and Austriaover the Past 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations-Making Benefits for All” on the front page of Europe Times.
Europe Times, built in 1983, is a Chinese daily newspaper founded by overseas Chinese people in Europe. It represents the most influential newspaper, covering all parts of the state. Apart from the Chinese and, its readers also include Chinese students studying in European countries and the staff of Chinese diplomatic and commercial institutions stationed in European and North African countries. In addition, foreign Sinologists and students are also the avid readers who are interested in Chinese cultures and development and learning the Chinese language. This newspaper aims to carry forward the fine Chinese cultures and traditions and safeguard the social interests of the Chinese people in Europe. In addition, it encourages the Chinese people to actively integrate into the local community, promoting the friendship between the Europe and China. Moreover, it facilitates the cultural exchanges between the East and the West, promoting the solidarity and common prosperity of those Chinese and overseas Chinese people living in Europe.
On May 10th, Wang and Tang Cheng, a young teacher from USST, had an exclusive interview with Mr. Yang Chengxu, former Chinese ambassador to Austria. This article is written on the basis of the interview manuscript. Mr. Yang, now in the 90s, was the fourth ambassador of the PRC to Austria (1985-1989). As the oldest ambassador, he witnessed the founding of the relationship between these two countries. In the interview, he expressed his insights into the development of China-Austria diplomacy, showing us that as a diplomat, he is committed to introducing China’s development to the world in accordance with the national interests.

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