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USST Holds the 3rd Lecturer Competition for College Students for Party History Learning and Education

June 7, 2021

On the afternoon of June 2nd, the final of the 3rd "New Era, Newer China" lecturer competition for college students, especially for CPC history learning and education, was held in the auditorium of USST.

In the final, 10 teams from College of Science, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering, College of Communication and Art Design, School of Marxism, School of Environment and Architecture and School of Mechanical Engineering, respectively told stories about advanced figures from different walks of life in different times, with vivid words and emotional languages for the students and teachers presented.

Since the beginning of the 3rd "New Era, Newer China" lecturer competition in April, it has been highly applauded by students from various colleges. There were 105 teams in total actively participating in this competition.

In the future, USST will organize outstanding college student lecturers into the elementary schools, middle schools, communities. They will impress, affect and educate students with vivid and real stories in order to deepen their love for the party and the nation, at the same time, and encourage them to master professional expertise and shoulder responsibilities and missions, contributing to the fulfillment of the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation through unremitting efforts.

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