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The Department of Animation Won Great Achievements in The Second China Animation & Comic Art Exhibition

June 10, 2021

On June 1st, the Second China Animation & Comic Art Exhibition was unveiled at Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai which is the highest-standard animation & comic art exhibition in China. Four works of art submitted by faculty and students from the Department of Animation of College of Communication and Art Design were listed, and three of them were also eligible for the membership of China Artists Association.

The Department of Animation is committed to the organic integration of teaching reform and practice, and moral education and major, guiding students majoring in the animation to carry out beneficial and bold interdisciplinary merging and exploration on a basis of traditional art forms, emphasizing those works featuring combination of art and science and technology, and paying attention to the reference of documents and materials and investigation. In addition, it also helpsstudents to complete some practical innovative-driven interdisciplinary projects related with the historical development. , and cultivates new animation talents with cross-media creativityand visual performance. At the same time, it actively launched joint training courses and artists’ workshops to keep major construction in pace with the times.

3D Comic Mechanical Art Model: 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs by Song Fangyuan

Narrative Comics: Pu Songling’s Deskmate is A Flower Fairy by Xue Mengyuan

3D Animation: Icarus——The Fortress of The Sky by Li Baitian

2D Animation: My Big Trees by Liu Liang & Jiang Yue

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