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A Salute to the Year 2021—New Year Reception Meeting Held

January 5, 2022 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

At the end of Year 2021, USST held a grand reception, to extend faithful thanks and greetings to all faculty and students who made extraordinary contributions in 2021, and wished all USST-ers a happy New Year.

USST President Ding Xiaodong extended greetings, gave a thump-up to hard workers who had been contributing a lot to school’s development. He pointed out that 2021 saw USST rush to grab opportunities and blaze a new trail despite great changes in the world and the covid-19 pandemic unseen in a century. All USST-ers had to build on present achievement to score more gratifying results with greater morale in 2022. On behalf of all faculty and students, Ai lianzhong, Dean of School of Health Sciences and Engineering, Li Hua, Director of Department of Music, Hujiang College, and Chang Shuyue from School of Materials and Chemistry, respectively expressed what they acquired and felt with the school’s development in 2021.

At last, Wu Jianyong, Chair of University Council, USST, led all school leaders to extend sincere gratitude and New Year's wishes to all USST-ers, and together whoped that USST would make greater achievements.

Undauntedness and persistence deserves a promising future. In 2022, All USST-ers set sail once again.

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