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Commencement and Degree Conferral Ceremony Held for Students of Class 2022

June 26, 2022 | By Zhang Liu | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

On June 17th, the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Commencement and Degree Conferral 2022 was held in the auditorium on the Jungong Rd. campus. On the premise of coronavirus prevention and control, the simultaneous mode of the main venue, and the cloud-live-streaming, was adopted for the ceremony. The main venue was set in the auditorium and other graduates outside the campus were virtually present at the ceremony.

Before the ceremony, graduation memorial documentary called “Song of USST for Students of Class 2022” was broadcast live, keeping record of the innocence and expectation of graduates when they first came into the USST campus, demonstrating their optimism and reluctance during the graduation season despite the pandemic.

At the ceremony, outstanding honors and awards were handed out to excellent graduates. Seen by school leaders and supervisors, all graduates turned the tassel by themselves. Today they celebrated their wonderful journey together, and anticipated the next chapter in their story.

At every corner of the campus were left the footprints when graduates’ representatives shared growth stories and fondest memories of the youth.

Ping Zeyu from School of Health Sciences and Engineering, spoke at the stage. He said that the pandemic forced students of class 2022 to leave the school hurriedly, but they bore in the mind the school motto “integrity, righteousness, diligence, love; pondering, learning, aspiration, ambition.” and pursued their own dreams while USST strives to achieve a school of science and technology with distinctive features.

Hua Jingyang from School of Energy and Power Engineering recalled his growth along with USST and shared his understanding of “love” in school’s motto.

On behalf of all teachers, Rao Pingping from School of Environment and Architecture encouraged all graduates to take more responsibilities and let youth shine where our country needs. Gu Wei, one of alumni shared his ideas about employment based the experience and feelings from his entrepreneurship.

USST President Ding Xiaodong addressed a speech titled “Define a colorful future in an open ending”. At the moment when graduates embarked on a new journey amid lingering pandemic, President Ding Xiaodong offered them a few preferable options facing the certainties and challenges. They should be thankful; all kindness to society could pay off. They should be sensible; look into each question in a thorough, pragmatic and open manner. They should be confident; forge ahead the future after breaking through countless barriers, as the masters of their lives.

At the ending of the ceremony, the academician and school leaders sent congratulations to graduates whose unforgettable experiences, memories and emotions they have cultivated at USST could undoubtedly guide their future path.

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