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Seven National First Prizes Won by Our School in the 13th “Blue Bridge Cup” Finals.

July 16, 2022

The 13th Blue Bridge Cup national software and IT professionals competition's winners list for the national finals were announced on June 27. 52 honors were given to our school, including 2 winning school awards, 18 excellence awards, 13 second place awards, and 7 national first place awards.The number of national first prizes has reached a new high since our school participated in the event.Shanghai ranked top in both the total number of winners and the number of first prize winners.
On June 18, the Blue Bridge Cup's 13th National Finals were held. Online tournaments were held between 53 players from our university and 11061 elite competitors from 1064 universities, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and University of Science and Technology of China.After intense competition, the competing youngsters overcame numerous obstacles, answered the questions calmly, and ultimately took home five national honors.The Undergraduate School (School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Public Experiment Center, academic Affairs Office) and the School of Opto-Electronic Information and Computer Engineering have meticulously planned each stage of the competition since the university selection competition's launch in November 2021. The competition has been run on the guiding principle of "selecting the best among the best" through pre-competition special training, daily training, PK within the team, etc. 46 specific training sessions have been completed by more than 300 competitors.We insisted on using the "one network learning" platform to conduct online counseling for the participating students during the epidemic prevention and control period, and we also carried out training such as PK in the team and weekly competition, which ultimately led to spectacular results.
Achieving the objective of "enhancing learning, teaching, and innovation through competition" was made possible by the tireless efforts of the participating students, the attentive direction of the instructor team, and the outcome of the cooperation and unity of the entire school.The implementation of the school's policy of "focused on top innovation and entrepreneurship competitions at home and abroad and continuously strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform" has also been aided by this significant accomplishment. It clearly demonstrates both the students' strong foundational computer skills and the success of our school's "five courses and one system" teaching approach. It is a significant accomplishment in the development of a prestigious university.
The Blue Bridge Cup national software and IT professionals competition is a national IT discipline competition with more than 600,000 participants and has been run for 13 sessions in a row. The competition has been listed on the Chinese Association of Higher Education's "ranked list of national general university discipline contests" for three years running. It is a class-A event planned by the school.

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