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Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed between USST and Gongli

August 27, 2022

On August 8th, the launching ceremony of collaboration between USST and Shanghai Gongli Hospital was held at auditorium of USST.

During the speech, USST President Ding Xiaodong generally introduced the features and advantages of USST in the medical-engineering field. Boast with profound running-school resources of medical-engineering talents cultivation and scientific research, USST has become the cradle for China Medical Instrument Industry in . USST owns distinctive edges of its disciplines. Depending on the discipline of biological medicine, the school has long engaged in talents cultivation, technological innovation and appliance research in the field of medical instrument and the disciplines such as optics, control, mechanics and materials have given strong impetus to the field of medical instrument. USST’s strategy drives innovation. USST  implement the strategy of cross-discipline. It gives priority to the layout and construction of medical-engineering, builds professional research centers with many schools of medicine and key hospitals, develops “2+x” cooperation system and establish three platforms like Shanghai medical instrument innovation and transfer platform, Shanghai High-end medical appliance innovation center and Medicine Department of Academician and Experts’ Achievements Transfer Center. Ding pointed out that all-round cooperation between USST and Gongli Hospital has unveiled a new path for medical-engineering cooperation, made breakthrough in medical talents cultivation and achievements transfer mechanism, greatly improved the hospital construction and school’s running capability, jointly contributing to high-quality development of biomedical industry in Pudong and Shanghai.

Jiang Ning, Dean of Gongli Hospital, addressed a speech. Both sides are highly compatible in plan and development, and complement each other in discipline and resources, gather research power and clinical resources, carry out bright mission for the development of medical-engineering new medicine. The cooperation was significant for Gongli Hospital. Gongli would consolidate its power to promote the cooperation in talents cultivation, technological innovation and transfer & application, providing a beneficial practical exploration for innovative school-hospital cooperation and new medicine construction.

On behalf of both sides, USST Vice President Liu Ping and Jiang Ning signed the Support and Cooperation Development Strategy Framework Cooperation. USST Deputy Secretary Sun Yuedong and Vice Director of Pudong Health Commission Yu Donghai unveiled the nameplate of USST-Gongli Technology Institute.

Sun Zhenrong,Vice Director of Shanghai Education Commission,  expressed in his speech that USST and Gongli Hospital together built medical technology institute, explored the new cooperation pattern between the school and hospital, promoted the “double first-class” construction, gave full play to high-quality development of , cultivate compound innovative talents. He expected that through pragmatic cooperation, it could achieve mutual benefits, training an array of innovative talents for national and Shanghai’s medical health , transfer more innovative achievements into actual products in the medical field, enhancing people’s well-being and promoting healthy technological development.

Zhang Xiong,Secretary of Party Leadership Group of Shanghai Health Commission, expressed positive opinions about the cooperation. He pointed out that the strategy of Health China is not only related with people’s well-being, but also linked to social stability and sustainable economic development. The successful establishment of USST-Gongli is a major combination of AI era, modern medical science and engineering, pave a new way for the future development of medical technology, and become a milestone for Shanghai medical health. He hoped that both sides would soon make the innovative achievements, improve clinical diagnosis and serve people’s health.

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