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USST Won 17 Municipal Awards for Teaching Achievements

November 12, 2022

Recently, the awarding list of Shanghai Excellent Teaching Achievements, 2022, was issued by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. A total of 17 teaching achievements (higher education) made by USST won the prizes including 1 special award, 10 first awards and 6 second awards. The number of special award and first awards (higher education) ranked first among Shanghai universities.
USST won the special award for the project “‘one core, double circulations’ outstanding engineering talents cultivation innovation practice”. The teaching achievement adheres to the quality-centered principle, makes the quality development run through engineering talents cultivation. The achievement means circulating in and out of classes, by carrying out teaching reforms such as “five courses and one system”, scientific research projects courses, honor courses, and optimizing the training system for outstanding engineering talents. The achievement means circulating in and out of the school, by establishing school-enterprise cooperation to build industrial technology school, medical-school collaboration to broaden the training channels for outstanding engineering talents, and regional cooperation to promote the Yangtze River Delta engineering education alliance, forming a collaborative training platform for outstanding engineering talents. After more than 10 years’ tireless efforts, the excellent engineering education becomes evident; USST’s engineering talents cultivation focuses more on effectiveness and quality. Many achievements have been selected into the typical cases of Shanghai education comprehensive reform, which has also been acclaimed by Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.
The Teaching Achievement Award has been for a review and demonstration for talents cultivation and teaching reform. USST insists on excellent engineering education, motivates the talents cultivation reform, and builds a first-class university of science and technology that drives industrial progress. The municipal awards for teaching achievements score a historic breakthrough, embodied by USST’s putting talents cultivation first, making steady progress in teaching reform, and focusing on condensing teaching achievements. The school brings the leading and demonstrative role of teaching achievements into full play, enhances the application and popularization of awarding achievements in talents cultivation, and improves the school’s teaching and talents cultivation.

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