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Cuban Consul General in Shanghai Visited Our University

November 14, 2022 | By Pan Tao | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

On the morning of November 10, Mr. Mileidy Aguirre Díaz, Consul General of Cuba in Shanghai, visited our university with Dr. Dionisio Zaldivar Silva, Executive Vice President of the University of Havana, Cuba. President Ding Xiaodong met with Díaz and his delegation in Yates Hall. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Ms. Cai Yonglian and attended by the heads of Party Committee (President) Office, International Affairs Office, Scientific Research Institute and School of Health Science and Engineering.
On behalf of USST, Ding Xiaodong welcomed the visit of Consul General Diaz and her delegation, saying that Cuba is the first country in Latin America to establish diplomatic relations with China, and there is a deep friendship between the two countries. In July 2018, Li Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and then Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, put forward a vision for promoting cooperation between the University of Havana in Cuba and the scientific, educational and cultural institutions in Shanghai during his visit to Cuba. Since 2018, USST and the University of Havana have carried out exchanges in various aspects, including scientific research and culture exchanges, and signed a framework cooperation agreement, making positive progress in scientific research cooperation; in October 2022, the University of Havana appointed Vice President Silva to Shanghai to promote the joint establishment of an international cultural exchange center and joint laboratories, all of which have simultaneously promoted the pace of internationalization of education at USST.
Consul General Díaz reviewed the history of exchanges between the two countries and pointed out that the two countries have a great commonality in many aspects, such as government, people and parties, etc. This year is the 62nd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and during the meeting between General Secretary Xi Jinping and Cuban leaders, they called for deeper and broader exchanges and cooperation in science, education and culture. USST is the first partner institution of the University of Havana in the field of teaching and researching in China, and the cooperation between the two universities demonstrates USST’s strategic vision.
Dr. Silva conveyed the greetings of Prof. Ludi, Minister of Higher Education of Cuba, and Prof. Garcia, State Councilor and President of the University of Havana, and invited the leaders of USST to participate in the 295th anniversary of the University of Havana and the 2023 International Congress of Scientists. Silva briefly described his meeting with Cai Yonglian and his visits to the University's International Affairs Office, School of Materials and Chemistry, School of Health Science and Engineering and other units to discuss the establishment of the USST-UH International Exchange Center and to promote international exchanges and scientific research cooperation since his arrival in Shanghai.
Ding Xiaodong thanked Diaz for her interest in the cooperation and exchange between the two universities and the invitation from the University of Havana, and will work hard to promote the establishment of an international exchange center between the two universities and increase scientific cooperation in the fields of health food and material chemistry. After the meeting, leaders of both sides took a group photo. Cai Yonglian also accompanied the Cuban Consul General and her delegation to visit the Hujiang International Cultural Park.

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