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Professor Han Sen of USST Wins the Innovation Award for Industry-university-research Cooperation

April 29, 2023

Recently, the 14th China Industry-university-research Innovation Conference was held in Beijing. More than 1000 workers from national political, industrial, academic and scientific field were present at the conference. Professor Han Sen, from the team, led by academician Zhuang Songlin, was honored with 2022 industry-university-research innovation award.
Professor Han Sen led the team took IUR measures to systematically carry out the research and tackling in design and application of modular laser interferometer to meet the demands for cutting-edged detection instrument and technology. He led the team to develop the key parts and survey software based on modular design to invent different types of high-precision digital laser interferometer. Based on high-precision relative measurement, the absolute algorithm and closed-loop detection were proposed, which increased 6 times precision of the planar surface detection, and the anti-disturbance QHL module was developed, reducing the great impacts on detection data from unstable environment, even without data. His industry-university-research project has achieved the engineering and industrialized digital laser interferometer. The industry-university-research product and technology have been widely promoted and applied, which is helpful to increase occupancy rate of China’s cutting-edged detection instrument in the market, and spur the development of high-precision detection technology.

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