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The Discipline of Biomedical Engineering Selected into Class III Gaofeng Project of Shanghai Education Commission

May 16, 2023

Recently, the discipline of biomedical engineering was selected into class III Gaofeng project.
Biomedical Engineering, class III Gaofeng discipline, mainly aims at national and Shanghai major strategic biomedical demands, takes the construction of high-end medical equipment innovation center as a key, centers on three scientific areas like low-temperature biomedicine, minimally invasive medical devices and intelligent rehabilitation engineering, takes vigorous measures to tackle frontier and key technological problems in research and development of high-end medical equipment, and gather leading people and talents of the discipline, contributing to the forefront development of the discipline of biomedical engineering.
Shanghai Gaofeng &Gaoyuan Project for University Academic Program Development is an important measure to dock double first-class strategy, and a major support to boost overall strength of Shanghai Higher Education and international competitiveness. Before that altogether 6 disciplines have been listed in the project, including 2 Class III Gaofeng disciplies(optical engineering, systems science), 4 Class ⅠGaoyuan disciplines (power engineering and, management science and engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering).
In 2022, Shanghai Education Commission initiated the argumentation of Class III Gaofeng disciplines. USST attached much importance, actively responded and repeatedly focuses on the goal of building Gaofeng discipline: biomedical engineering, gathering great strength in all directions to have talks and argumentation over the overall goal and construction scheme. The approval of the discipline of biomedical engineering represents USST’s third Gaofeng discipline after the discipline of optical engineering and systems science, meaning a higher stage of school’s Gaofeng and Gaoyuan discipline construction. USST will continue to use the construction of Gaofeng and Gaoyuan disciplines as an opportunity, to further stimulate discipline vitality, renew mechanisms and systems, and make breakthroughs in key areas, continuously strengthening the ability of various disciplines to support national strategies and serve regional socio-economic  development.

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