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Deng Feng: Youth Shines Brilliantly in Golden Time

May 18, 2023

On the stage, Deng Feng, a young actor, turned himself into president Liu Zhan’en ; in the barrack, he performed excellently. At the arena, he made tireless efforts and never gave up. He is the USST’S excellent graduate from School of Energy and Power Engineering.

Planting a seed by starring Liu Zhan’en
As a student of engineering, it is a coincidence that Deng Feng starred Liu Zhan’en in the Master’s Opera. At the first year, he passed the interview and was qualified for the role after he knew that some actors were being recruited for the opera. Countless rehearsal nights were ready for the public performance. From 6 to 11 p.m., he used to well recite the copies and even meditate during the dinner. In order to understand the role, he repeatedly researched the script, and went over acts and expressions, trying to make stories and spirits of Liu Zhan’en known to the public.
To indulge himself in the role, he always spent a few minutes learning about the actors’ state of mind before the rehearse. “Burying himself in the role provides requirements for his skills, and sets higher goals during college time. “The master’s opera motivates me a lot, and the spirit of Liu Zhan’en sow seeds in my mind. While shouldering the responsibility, we young people may have a brilliant future.”

The seed sprouting in camouflage
In 2020, Deng joined in the army and refreshed himself in the barrack. He dressed himself as a firebat, with firearms weighing 12.5 kilos. Over 20-kilo outfit armed himself, posing a huge challenge to his physical conditions and spiritual wills.
“What impressed me most was when I was stationed in Inner Mongolia. We took a green train from Shantou City, Guangdong Province to Inner Mongolia. It was difficult for us to adapt ourselves to the northern border where temperature often drops between zero shifting from sunny southern areas. The extreme weather even stopped their steps. However, physical conditions and strong wills helped him to extraordinarily finish the task.
Influenced by the Camouflage, the faith seed flourished in Deng’s mind, he won excellent grades in group military examination, and was awarded as one of the outstanding soilders.

Displaying young vigor
He was a member of school’s football team and won the national second prize for the team. He won the first place in the 2019 Shanghai College Students Championships in Athletics. Every time he was on the sports field, he always shined the most brightest. “Whenever I do some sports or studies, I am used to trying out myself.”
With persistence and perseverance in the barrack, his calm expression, and gentle voice leave the first impression on others, as his motto “In me the tiger sniffs the rose.” tells. “Each one should have lofty ideals, and try to be tender and exquisite. ”
When the graduation season came near, Deng chose his career as a policeman, devotes himself in another way and serve the society. “During the growth, though he also ever took a roundabout route, he still expected younger students to value college time, try more, work harder, and made career plans in advance to find their journey.

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