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National Laboratory of Ocean Engineering Equipment Testing Technology Built by USST and CSSC

September 8, 2023

The unveiling ceremony of National Engineering Laboratory of Ocean Engineering Equipment Testing Technology, co-built by USST and China State Shipbuilding Corporation 750 Testing Site, was held on Sep 2nd. USST President Ding Xiaodong, Liu Baolin, Dean of Science and Technology Research Institute, Prof. Zhang Pengju, Dean of Deep-sea Equipment Complex System Research Institute, Prof. Zhu Daqi from School of Mechanical Engineering and Cui Guoping, director of CSSC 750 Testing Site, were present at the ceremony.
China State Shipbuilding Corporation 750 Testing Site has been the only national underwater special equipment "water-air" cross-medium comprehensive testing site in mainland China. It has undertaken the model development, testing, and mass production of numerous high-tech equipments, and has obtained more than 200 national and provincial level scientific and technological achievements, as well as over 800 independent intellectual property technologies. Our deep-sea equipment complex system research institute has undertaken multiple provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects in underwater mining, underwater robots, underwater intelligent control, underwater pipeline connection, underwater communication, etc., and has achieved many scientific research results. The related achievements have awarded by the Science and Technology Awards of the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Awards.
The ocean engineering equipment manufacturing industry is one of the key areas identified in the "Made in China 2025", an important component of China's strategic emerging industries and a key direction for high-end equipment manufacturing industry. It is an important foundation and support for the China's implementation of Marine potestatem strategy. The establishment of this jointly built laboratory will leverage the strengths of both schools and enterprises, focusing on the needs of the development of ocean engineering equipment testing technology, carry out key technological research and development in related industries, formulate important technical standards, gather and cultivate urgently needed technological innovation talents in the industry, establish an operational mechanism to promote the healthy development of national engineering laboratories, and explore and implement specific measures suitable for industry characteristics, Efforts will be made to address major technological issues in the development of the industry, enhance the independent innovation capability of the industry, establish a research mechanism for the development trends and major issues in this field, proactively provide research on industry development and important progress, and better serve the national and industrial development.

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