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Many Researchers Included in List of World’s Top 2% Scientists

November 7, 2023

Recently, the list of world’s top 2 scientists released by Stanford University on Elsevier updates its Version 6. According to the Version 6 list, 21 teachers are included in the career-long ranking list of “the world’s top 2% scientists” Version 5, and 54 teachers are included in the single-year ranking list of “the world’s top 2% scientists”.
About the Ranking List
World’s Top 2% Scientists list is published by Professor John P.A. Ioannidis and his team on Mendeley Data owned by Elsevier, which is mainly judged on the number of papers published by scientists and the quality of citations. The world's top 2% of scientists are selected from nearly 7 million candidates across 22 scientific fields and 176 sub-fields under arts, science, and engineering. Given the differences in sub-fields, the updated list also shows the comprehensive citation index ranking of each scientist in its sub-fields. The comprehensive citation index ranking in sub-fields provides a metric for scientists' long-term research performance so as to objectively and truly reflect their influence.
The scientists included in our school cover multiple research fields such as optics, energy science, materials science, engineering, physics, biology, etc. Being selected as one of the top 2% scientists in the world indicates that our university's scholars are at a top level in their respective fields, making outstanding contributions to the development of this field with a high global influence. At the same time, it also demonstrates the significant achievements made by the school in scientific and technological innovation and faculty team construction in recent years. In the future, the school will continue to focus on national major strategies, persistently strengthen cutting-edge scientific and basic research, establish a solid foundation for scientific and technological innovation, and conduct high-level scientific research to elevate the construction of first-class disciplines to a new level.

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