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USST Holds 2023 Hujiang International Symposium on Energy Materials Science

November 9, 2023 | By Liu Pinhan | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

To further demonstrate the latest research progress and scientific achievements in the field of energy materials science in China, and to promote academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation among experts and scholars, the 2023 Hujiang International Symposium on Energy Materials Science was held on November 4 at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST). The symposium was hosted by USST and organized by the Institute of Energy Materials Science (IEMS), the School of Energy and Power Engineering, and the School of Materials and Chemistry. At the opening ceremony, Vice President Zhang Hua and Honorary Chair Dou Shixue made speeches, with experts and scholars in the field of energy materials from home and abroad congregating together. Moreover, Professor Yang Qiguo, dean of the School of Energy and Power Engineering, presided over the opening ceremony.
The symposium was honorarily chaired by Professor Dou Shixue from USST, a member of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (AATSE), and Professor Liu Huakun from USST, a member of AATSE, while Professor Wu Chao from USST served as the executive chairman. With the theme of Green Energy Materials Empowering the “Dual Carbon” Strategy, the symposium carried out extensive academic exchanges and discussions on the new opportunities and challenges, as well as the future development in the field of new energy materials, so as to help achieve the strategic goal of “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality”.

Speech by Vice President Zhang Hua

Five academicians from four countries delivered brilliant keynote speeches at the conference.
Professor Zhang Jiujun, a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and Canadian Academy of Engineering, gave a report entitled “Core Technologies and Challenges on Industrialization of Hydrogen Fuel Cells”, introducing the critical technology of automotive proton exchange membrane fuel cells and emphasizing the challenges on industrialization, such as the durability of the fuel cells.

Keynote Speech by Academician Zhang Jiujun

Professor Qiao Shizhang, a member of the Australian Academy of Science and chief scientist of the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials at the University of Adelaide, delivered a speech named “Electrocatalytic Refining to Generate Fuels and Chemicals”, in which he systematically narrated about the basic research and application development of high-activity and high-selective electrocatalysts in the key steps of electrocatalytic refining.

Keynote Speech by Academician Qiao Shizhang

Academician Dou Shixue’s speech focused on “Sustainable Energy System - Development Strategy of IEMS, USST”, and gave a thorough report on the development strategy of IEMS.

Keynote Speech by Academician Dou Shixue

Professor Zhao Dongyuan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Laboratory of Advanced Materials of Fudan University, gave a speech on “Functional Mesoporous Materials Super-assembled at the Interface of Molecular Aggregates-mono-micelles”, in which he introduced the strategy of using molecular aggregates-mono-micelles to prepare a variety of symmetric/asymmetric mesoporous materials, hydrophilic and hydrophobic one-piece materials, and their applications in the fields of biology, catalysis, batteries and so on. Academician Zhao’s lecture is full of philosophical thinking, the combination of science and art embodies through his study, which inspires and attracts more young scholars to dedicate themselves to materials chemistry research.

Keynote Speech by Academician Zhao Dongyuan

Rahul Banerjee, a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, in his presentation “Porous Frameworks and Reticular Nano-Synthesis”, he discussed the covalent-organic framework for membranes synthesis and their application in the pharmaceutical industry for the treatment of wastewater and drug recovery from organic solvents.
The seminar set up four sub-forums on Energy Storage Materials, Hydrogen Catalytic Materials, Environmental Catalytic Materials, and Advanced Energy Storage Technologies, which were presided by Bai Zhongzhao, Dou Yuhai, Li Guisheng, and Wu Weidong, respectively.
A total of 85 well-known experts and scholars from more than 20 both domestic and international research institutes and universities were invited to give speeches. The symposium focused on academic exchanges and discussions, emphasized cutting-edge explorations, and conducted discussions on key scientific issues and technological frontiers of new energy materials, aiming to deepen the in-depth understanding of new opportunities, challenges, and development directions in the field of energy materials. The successful organization of the symposium is of great significance in enhancing scientific and technological exchanges, promoting scientific and technological innovation, and fostering the development of energy materials science and technology.

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