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The Cooperation Promoted between USST and CCB Shanghai Branch

January 15, 2024

On Jan 5th, Liu Jun, Party Secretary Committee and president of China Construction Bank, Shanghai Branch, went to our university for further cooperation. USST President Ding Xiaodong and heads from other departments of USST joined in the meeting.
Liu Jun introduced the transformational development strategy of CCB in serving technological innovation. CCB will focus on "technology finance" and adjust and optimize its service targets, main business, personnel structure, and other aspects to become a "bank that understands technology". He pointed out that universities of science and engineering are the main force for talent cultivation and technological innovation. CCB hoped to attract more science and engineering talents who understand technology, and was also willing to fully participate in the research and development process of universities of science and technology, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements into real productivity.
Ding Xiaodong introduced the history, and current development of our school, and the achievements of the high-level university construction, and the plan to deepen a new round of comprehensive education reform. He stated that serving scientific and technological innovation is in line with national strategies and industrial needs. Both sides have infinite possibilities and bright prospects for cooperation in science and technology finance, green finance, digital finance, and other areas. He hopes that can relying on the "Financial Innovation Class", CCB can promote the transformation of relevant majors and courses in our school, assist in the adjustment of disciplinary and professional layout , explore task-driven and project-driven talent training paradigms through the implementation of micro majors, micro courses, short semester, summer schools, and joint training of housing and enterprises, and cultivate a group of comprehensive talents with both scientific and engineering backgrounds and understanding of finance. He also expressed that our school would welcome CCB Finance to the full cycle from research and development to industrialization in fields such as medical-engineering, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing to assist in project incubation and achievement landing.
Both sides reached the consensus on dual empowerment of technology and banking and next would promote the docking and communication and refine the cooperation framework.

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