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Dr. Fang Xinyuan from IPC Selected in Shanghai Science and Technology 35U35

February 4, 2024

On the afternoon of January 28th, the third awarding ceremony of "Shanghai Science and Technology Youth 35 Person Leading Program"  was held in the International Conference Hall of Shanghai Science Hall. The list of 35 winners and 15 nominators was officially announced. Dr. Fang Xinyuan from the IPC of our university has been awarded for his contributions to “Major National Needs" field. It is reported that only two winners come from Shanghai municipal universities.

Fang, young and scientific and technological talent, is independently trained by our university. After graduating with a PhD degree and then joining Shanghai University of Technology in 2019, he conducted research in the field of optical artificial intelligence under the guidance of Academician Gu Min. He has published high-level papers in journals such as Science, Nature Photonics, and Nature Nanotechnology. He has won the first prize of the Guo Guangcan Optical Award for Science and Technology Innovation from the Chinese Optical Society, the Jin Guofan Young Student Award from the Chinese Instrument and Control Society, the Young Leading Award from the Optical Magazine. During the selection process, his research in orbital angular momentum information photonics has received high recognition from experts for its impact on the fields of optical artificial intelligence and photonic chips. This is not only a recognition of his personal work, but also of our school's work to target national major needs, mapping cutting-edge research directions, and training high-level young talents.

The Shanghai Science and Technology Youths 35 Leading Plan under 35 focuses on strategic directions such as the forefront of world science and technology, the main arena of the economy, major national needs, and people's livelihoods and health. The selection is guided by the Shanghai Municipal Talent Office, the Municipal Science and Technology Work Party Committee, the Youth League Municipal Committee, and the Municipal Youth Federation, and organized by the Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Talent Association. After the preliminary and final evaluation, 35 winners and 15 nominators are selected, aiming to explore more favorable evaluation and selection mechanisms for young science and technology talents to, train and cultivate a group of young science and technology workers with a global perspective and innovative influence.

Copyedited by Zhang Liu

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