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Short-term Student Exchange Program of Chuo University in Japan Ended Successfully in Our university

March 14, 2024 | By IAO:Pan Tao | Copyedited by William, Zhang Liu

From February 28 to March 8, 19 students from Chuo University in Japan came to our university for a 10-day short-term exchange visit. Chuo University is one of our inter-university cooperation universities in Japan, and the two universities signed an inter-university agreement in 2011. In 2016, Chuo University set up the Shanghai Office of Chuo University in our university, and in 2019, we set up the Tokyo Office of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in Chuo University, and there were active exchanges of students and faculty between the two universities.
Vivid and interesting Chinese language class, shadowboxing to cultivate the body and mind, and fragrant Chinese tea culture time ...... the course content of very Chinese characteristics brought continuous surprises and gains to the exchange group members. Outside the campus, Chinese and Japanese students visited well-known Chinese and Japanese enterprises together, listened to the introduction of corporate culture and sharing of workplace experience from the executives of the enterprises, which enabled Japanese students to deeply feel the great development of China, break the prejudice, and perceive a more real China.

Outside the course, accompanied by volunteers from the Japan Cultural Center, members of the exchange group went to the water town of Suzhou. They traveled to the Tiger Hill and the Humble Administrator's Garden to feel the charm of Chinese aesthetics, and visited the Suzhou Museum to learn about the glory of the ancient culture of the Chinese nation. The youth group was able to analyze the differences in harmony with a more equal, tolerant and friendly perspective, and to treat cultural differences with an attitude of appreciation, mutual assistance and appreciation. Every cross-cultural friendly exchange between Chinese and Japanese youth is injecting warmth into the mutual understanding between the two countries.

The ten-day trip was short but full. At the closing ceremony, Japanese students talked about what they had seen and felt in China, and members of the exchange group were deeply impressed by the friendly humanistic care of the Chinese side and the strong academic atmosphere of the campus, and a deep friendship between Chinese and Japanese youths was also formed. It is expected that through the academic and cultural exchanges between universities, the young generation will continue the friendship and create the future together, so that the foundation of Sino-Japanese friendship will be deepened and built more firmly.

The Japanese Cultural Center is an excellent platform for our university's cooperation and exchanges with Japan, and also one of the important platforms for our university to disseminate Chinese excellent traditional culture to the outside world. Since its establishment, the center has organized and implemented 98 long-term and short-term exchange programs, sent more than 700 teachers and students to Japan for exchange and study, and received more than 500 Japanese teachers and students for exchange and study visits. The International Affairs Office will actively innovate and expand the exchange platform, continue to promote the construction of international communication capacity, tell China's stories, disseminate China's voice, and further promote Chinese-foreign humanistic and academic exchanges.

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