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USST Holds Founding Ceremony of Publishing School

April 1, 2024

In order to actively implement Xi Jinping's Thought on Culture, take the initiative to serve the national major deployment. In accordance with the requirement of the Ministry of Education's disciplinary and professional layout adjustment and the new round of comprehensive reform of Shanghai’s higher education, the Publishing School is established based on the reorganization of disciplines and majors.
On March 27th, the inauguration ceremony of Publishing School was held at the school auditorium. At the ceremony, Wang Lingyu, secretary of the Party Committee of our school, on behalf of USST, extended a warm welcome to the experts and scholars present at the event. He said that the school takes the initiative to dock the strategy of a country with a strong culture, promote the integration of humanities, engineering and arts, contributing to the transformation of Shanghai's publishing industry from "Digital Publishing plus" to "Intelligent Publishing plus, and better serving the strategy of a country with a strong culture and the construction of Best Practice Area for Xi Jinping's thought on culture.

President Ding Xiaodong announced the establishment of the Publishing School. He said that USST will continue to give full play to the characteristic advantages of publishing in universities of science and engineering, undertake the development needs of the new publishing era, grasp the new requirements, seize the new opportunities, and make a systematic plan and top-level design to further cultivate core members of the publishing industry, and to promote the professional development of the publishing discipline.

Liu Binjie, former director of National Press and Publication Administration congratulated the establishment of the Publishing School via video, "the establishment of the Publishing School, USST, marks a new start." In terms of the construction of publishing discipline and talent cultivation, he earnestly hoped that implement Xi Jinping's thought on culture into the whole process of the construction of publishing science, to ensure that the true nature of the publishing discipline goes on side with the original mission of Chinese publishing; on the condition of the communication technology revolution, to explore the content creation of multi-industry publishing, and to solve the problem of the co-development of multi-industry publishing and deep integration in a theoretical way; to focus on the modernization of the publishing of the Chinese characteristics, to cultivate publishing strategists for the construction of a strong country and national rejuvenation.

Lei Qili, vice president of East China Normal University, and Chen Dan, vice president of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, on behalf of the sister colleges and universities, congratulated the establishment of the Publishing Academy and the organization of the Seminar on Publishing Industry, Academia and Research Development in the Intelligent Era, and expressed their wish to strengthen the in-depth cooperation of the publishing "big family", and to jointly push forward the in-depth development of the publishing discipline. Peng Weiguo, vice president of Shanghai Century Publishing Group, said that as the leader of Shanghai publishing industry, they are willing to serve as the "largest field laboratory" for the practice of publishing industry-academia-research in schools, and to open up the circular mechanism of "academic chain" and "industrial chain". The circular mechanism of "academic chain" and "industrial chain" will provide broader space for the cultivation of publishing talents.
The opening ceremony of the seminar was presided over by Zhao Ming, chief accountant of our university.
With the Shanghai Municipal People's Government to build the publishing discipline for more than 20 years, USST has explored the publishing education, with the production and dissemination of credible data as the main direction, to build a multidisciplinary teaching system, to foster research-oriented, applied and pragmatic publishing professionals, and make outstanding achievements focusing on the docking practice of industry-education integration, and frontier direction in publishing reality.

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