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Two Post-doctoral Research Flow Stations:System Science and Mechanical Engineering Approved

November 13, 2019

Lately, the Approval of the Establishment of 339 Post-doctoral Research Flow Stations like Hunan University Philosophy was announced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and National Post-doctoral Management Commission. It shows that two of USST’s post-doctoral research flow stations: System Science and Mechanical Engineering have been newly approved. Up to now, our school has 6 post-doctoral research flow stations in total, and another 4 research flow stations including Power Engineering and Engineering Thermal Physics, Management Science and Engineering, Optical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering. Our school also covers 5 top disciplines and establishes an important platform for the construction of three international laboratories like Future Optics, Smart Production and Medical Instrument and Rehabilitation Engineering, and such a feature discipline as System Management.
Our school has adhered to the main strategy of enhancing university by talents. Outstanding young post-doctorates have gradually become significant forces for high-level research and innovative team, and essential supplementary sources for faculty resources. Since 2018, our school has built and improved the USST post-doctoral system and established a team mainly made up of Hujiang post-doctorates and post-doctoral teachers. The working condition and salaries for post-doctorates keep improving. Post-doctorates can be given 1,200,000 subsidies within 3 years following the Hujiang Post-doctoral Subsidy Plan. Also, our school provides post-doctorates with temporary apartments and preferential support for the schooling of their children, post-doctorates and policy support for the promotion of professional titles in station, and enjoys station entry recognition. In recent years, post-doctorates have won more than 100 subsidies such as national natural science foundation, innovative talents subsidies, international exchange plan for post-doctorates, and Shanghai super post-doctorate subsidies.
At the critical moment of Shanghai high-level university construction and national construction of front-line university and front-line subject, our school will take the opportunity of accelerating the construction of post-doctoral research flow stations, and cultivate an array of high-level innovative young science talents to promote the reform and innovation of our school, speed up the high-level construction, contribute to the connotative development as well as provide wisdom support for building our school into a top university of science and technology with outstanding characteristics.

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