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The Unveiling Ceremony of Institute of Industrial Technology Held by OECE

December 31, 2019

On December 4, the unveiling ceremony of Institute of Industrial Technology was held in conference room 1142, OECE. Vice president of USSTZhang Hua, representatives of office of teaching affairs, OECE and representatives from nine school-enterprise cooperative units including Lenovo (Beijing) Information Technology Co., LTD., Shanghai Deyan Electronical Technology Co., LTD., Shanghai Automation Instrument Co., LTD., attended the unveiling ceremony. The unveiling ceremony was presided by Deputy Dean of OECE, Yang Hui.

At the ceremony, Yang Hui first extended a warm welcome to the guests, and brief the guests on   the advantages of a school-enterprise laboratory supported by Institute of Industrial Technology. Then, Vice President Zhang Hua unveiled the plague of Institute of Industrial Technology and formally inaugurated the nine laboratories jointly established by schools and enterprises, including Lenovo Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Deyan Laboratory, 3D Intelligent Testing Laboratory, Intelligent Sensor Technology Laboratory and Automation Instrument Laboratory. Vice President Zhang also had in-depth discussions with the heads of enterprises on how to promote the integration of production, teaching, learning, research and application. In order to better adapt to the social development, cultivate talents to meet the needs of enterprises, Institute of Industrial Technology is jointly founded by USST and a host of industrial leaders. The establishment of Institute of Industrial Technology aims to further promote school-enterprise cooperation and the integration of production, teaching, learning, research, and the application to achieve win-win results, to establish multi-level and multi-field school-enterprise cooperation, and to promote innovation in talent cultivation. The establishment of Institute of Industrial Technology also aims to build a regional platform where both universities and enterprises can make joint effort in talent cultivation, staff training, and research and development. As the board members, the partner companies will also actively participate in on -campus education and syllabus design of Institute of Industrial Technology in the future so as to give full play to their edge-cutting technology in optical-electrical and computer engineering, and to make contributions to the talents cultivation of the industry.

Vice President Zhang Hua was present at the unveiling ceremony

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