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Results of Cooling Service Team debut at 2020 China Refrigeration Exhibition

September 9, 2020

The Cooling Technology Service Team of the School of Energy and Power Engineering of USST and Shanghai Atra Water Works Co., Ltd. jointly participated in the 2020 China Refrigeration Exhibition, which received widespread attention. On August 19th, the 31st China Refrigeration Exhibition opened in Chongqing International Expo Center. It has a total of 5 exhibition halls with an area of about 50,000 square meters. There are nearly 500 companies and institutions participating in the exhibition.

The Cooling Technology Service Team and Shanghai Atra Water Works Co., Ltd. (Eben Pump) jointly launched an intelligent circulating water treatment solution integrating descaling, absorbing and purifying, and exhibited the experimental device designed and produced by the team's graduate students that attracted many visitors. Engineering and technical personnel, sales personnel, market developers, scientific research workers, university teachers and students, and even primary and secondary school students are very interested in this intelligent IoT industrial water quality monitoring and treatment system. The experimental device uses the spray water of the closed cooling tower as the background of the system, and combines high and low frequency electronic descaling technology, microcrystalline scale absorption technology and scale monitoring technology. Through automatic control system and network signal transmission, real-time monitoring and control of the startup, operation and cleaning of the purification system are carried out.

In recent years, the team and company led by Professor Zhang Lixin have continuously increased their R& D efforts, starting with the special spray pump with large flow and low head, and expanding to the development of descaling technology for the spray water system. The doctoral student Liu Jing Nan who participated in the project has won the Shanghai Excellent Industry-University-Research Project Award and the second prize of the Ministry of Education's Science and Technology Achievement (Promotional Category). Master’s student Chen Yongbao has been given the "National Engineering Master's Internship Practice Outstanding Achievement" award and has now grown into a Hujiang postdoctoral fellow. The current system has been able to achieve zero emission requirements after they deeply dig into the spray water clean operation technology, combine multiple descaling methods and the team’s patent for “device and method for monitoring evaporative cooling or evaporative condensing equipment spray water side fouling”, and apply 5G data transmission and remote control.

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