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The Book History of Chemistry at University of Shanghai Made Its Debut at the School's Anniversary Day

November 2, 2021 | By SMC:Miao Yuqing | Copyedited by Zhang Liu

At the 115th anniversary of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), the School of Materials and Chemistry (SMC) successfully held the book launch conference on History of Chemistry at the University of Shanghai, which coincided with the alumni association general assembly of SMC and the first meeting of the second council. All alumni council members witnessed and participated in this event. 

The Department of Chemistry of University of Shanghai brought forth 11 academcians including Dai Lixin, Guo Musun, Hou Xianglin, Hu Zhuangqi, Huang Baotong, Ji Yufeng, Liu Yuanfang, Shen Zhiquan, Wang Erkang, Wang Xu, Wu Haoqing, as well as many predecessors and sages like Zhang Zigong, Han Zuokang, Xu Zuohe, Gu Yuzhen, Cheng Yaochun, Zhang Longxiang, etc. They were the founders and pioneers of China's early chemical industry. They bore their homeland and the world in mind, and either joined the war of resistance for their homes and the country, or participated in the revolution for serving the party and the people. They made great contributions in times of national crisis, in the construction of New China, and the process of reform and opening up. These names and deeds maintained a natural emotional connection with the teachers and students of SMC, especially the Department of Chemistry.

As the main author of this book, Professor Miao Yuqing spent 9 years comprehensively reorganizing and summarizing the history of the Department of Chemistry of University of Shanghai, and introduced in detail the philosophy, development history, outstanding teachers, outstanding alumni, and anecdotes of the Department of Chemistry and so on. The USST, which was developed on the original site of University of Shanghai, has inherited the spirit of "honesty, integrity, diligence, benevolence". The Department of Chemistry of SMC also upheld the spirit of the Department of Chemistry of University of Shanghai, seeking truth and righteousness, striving for the revitalization of the chemistry of USST and the revitalization of Chinese chemistry!

Leaders and experts present here gave a high evaluation of this book. They agreed that it had important significance and unique value in the direct compilation of the history of the subject by the frontline teachers of the subject. This book was a vivid example to promote the brilliant achievements of the Chemistry discipline in the University of Shanghai and to promote the patriotism and professionalism of the pioneers in the Department of Chemistry of University of Shanghai. This could stimulate students' sense of honor and mission towards the country, school, and profession.

For the glory and brilliance of University of Shanghai, for the passion and dream of the USST, a school, a college, every teacher and student, do their part and contribute a bit!

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