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A High-level Paper Published in International Authorative Journal by Professor Zhang Zhiguo from SEA

March 1, 2022

Recently, Professor Zhang Zhiguo published an academic paper entitled “Time-dependent analyses for ground movement and stress field induced by tunnelling considering rainfall infiltration mechanics” in an authorative journal: Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. USST was the first completion unit. The research also won intellectual supports from National University of Singapore, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Tongji University, Guangxi University and Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention of Hilly Mountains, Ministry of Land and Resources.
In rainy seasons, tunnel excavation is often inevitably affected by rainfall infiltration, resulting in excessive disturbance of the surrounding soils, and even threatening to the safety of tunnel segments and surface ground environments. In this paper, a time-dependent complex variable approach is proposed to estimate the deformation and stress of surrounding soils caused by tunnelling considering the rainfall infiltration mechanisms. The modified Green-Ampt model under the assumption of stratification is used to simulate the rainfall infiltration process and the complex function theory is employed to calculate the subregion mapping for the saturated, transitional, and natural layers. The paper contributes to providing a relatively quick and easy way of accurately evaluating the time-dependent feedback in tunnel-soil interaction system involving heavy rainfall as a potential risk in the preliminary design of tunnel structures considering the adverse weather condition.
Prof. Zhang Zhiguo has long engaged in the construction and design of shield tunneling, low-carbon operation and energy-saving and environmentally friendly control technologies of historical heritage and underground structure. Professor Zhang Zhiguo published an academic paper entitled “Time-domain analyses for pile deformation induced by adjacent excavation considering influences of viscoelastic mechanism” in the journal: Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. The employment and release of two papers above lies in the fact that not only Professor Zhang study further in overseas universities such as National University of Singapore, Cambridge University, but also he is offered the support by national general project foundation. In the meanwhile, the declaration of doctoral station and disciplinary evaluation and assessment provide an important reference and motivate the construction of some majors of our school.

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