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Wang Weihai:A Magician from School Campus

January 19, 2020

Wang Weihai, who has worked for 15 years as a logistician at USST, is praised by teachers and students as a “magician” who “specializes in handling problems”. Lately Wang Weihai won the 4th “Logistics Model in Shanghai Colleges and Universities” (Greenery Award). Just as the green leaves decorating the spring, he and other school logisticans works together in an effort to make USST much better!

Wang Weihai always enters in his office at about 7 o’clock every morning, and habitually checks the repair process and completion provided by the Logistics Network Repair System of USST. He receives phone calls 24 hours every day. The phone calls for urgent repairs can be given to him at any time, and once he receives repair calls, he rushes to the maintenance field, even rather late at night.
With his unremitting efforts, “Logistics Network Repair System of USST” was finally put into use in November, 2018. Until now, it has received more than 10 thousand messages, which greatly facilitated the logistics information of USST. Through this system, repairs schedule can be arranged in time and the maintenance efficiency and service level can be improved by the logistics department. Today, USSTers believe that the logistics network repair system can be applied to more occasions. Wang Weihai said, “Logistic Staff should be armed with rich skills and a good attitude!” More and more teachers and students feel the “warmth” from all the logistics staff through this platform.

Ten years ago, Wang Weihai contributed to the funding of USST Labor Union for the Non-institution Personnel, making it one of the earliest unions in Shanghai. From the regulation formulation and founding conference, to providing service both in summer and winter, “incentive plans” for training, and “recuperation plan” for breaks, the union has been seeking welfare for all the logistics staff and improving their abilities, which makes each of them become more skilled as a worker, more responsible as a member of USST, and much happier as a USSTer. Zhao Yajun, the director of No.1 canteen, was the earliest to join in the union. In the early days after the union was founded, he traveled around the campus, encouraging people to join in the union. He said that it was Wang Weihai’s phrase, “Don’t be afraid of anything in the first step. It will be better in the future,” that gave enough encouragement to them who had little working experience.
When praised by his colleagues, Wang Weihai always said, “I just did what I should do with the support of the leaders. I am just a small green leaf. In fact, there are many other outstanding and dedicated people who are also like green leaves, and the entire logistics department seems to be a leafy forest!” Wang Weihai is the epitome of all the logistics staff at USST. All of them are sincerely devoted to making the logistics management more refined, intelligent and harmonious for the beautiful campus full of.


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