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A Month (June) of USST Officially Released

July 3, 2020


Welcome to the Voice of USST in/for June! During the critical period of the normalized epidemic prevention and control, USST planned and organized the student graduation ceremony, promising all 2020 graduates a perfect commencement. At the ceremony, president Ding Xiaodong addressed a graduation speech titled "Forge ahead in the Post-epidemic Era" to encourage graduates to be useful talents in the post-epidemic era. After the cooperation agreements were signed between USST and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) and some other enterprises, USST signed another strategic cooperation agreement with Bright Food (Group) Cp., Ltd to continue promoting in-depth cooperation between universities and enterprises in the field of scientific and technological research, discipline construction, talents training, etc. Our university continues to strengthen the introduction of talents, gather the strength of young teachers, and hold the second Hujiang Young Scholars International Forum on Optical Engineering at the “Cloud” platform, creating a new mode of online academic exchanges.
USST has made abundant and gratifying achievements in discipline construction, scientific research, talents cultivation and
cooperation & exchange. USST continues to deepen medical-engineering interdisciplinary research and cooperation, promote the school's discipline development and talents training, and jointly establishes the Innovation and Transfer Platform for Medical Device with the three other units in Shanghai to form a "hospital-university-research-enterprise-hospital" closed loop. After signing the cooperation agreement with Yangpu District and Qingpu District, USST continues to deepen the cooperation between universities and other districts and signed a cooperation agreement with Huangpu District People's Government to jointly build Chuneng Middle School (to be determined) affiliated to the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology aiming to establish a high school with new engineering characteristics. Professor Zang Xiaofei, an expert on terahertz field from the School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor Zhao Bin from the School of Materials Science focusing on electro-catalytic materials, and an Associate Professor Rao Pingping from the School of Environmental Engineering specializing in the civil engineering in southern Xinjiang have all made breakthroughs in scientific research. USST carries out the ideas of educating students in research and practice, so students from School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Materials Science and College of Science have successfully published their high-level papers in top journals.
In May, we introduced Academician Gu Min who made a series of breakthroughs in the field of nano-photonics. This month's cover
figure was Professor Liu Ping, who won the first prize of the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award for the project "Key Technology and Industrialization of High-performance Copper Alloy Contact Lines for High-speed Railways". After 18 years of cooperation in production, education and research, the "electrical functional materials" team led by Professor Liu has developed the micro-alloy synergistic strengthening technology, which works out the technical problems of high conductivity and high strength of copper alloy contact wire, as well as the technical problems of collaborative optimization with high wear resistance, anti-softening and other properties. Three series of high performance copper alloy contact wire have been developed, which breaks the monopoly of foreign countries in the key technologies of high-speed railway contact lines and labels high-speed railway contact lines "made in China".

"The Voices from Liu Hongying, MA candidate from Foreign Language Institution of USST, won the 2019 National Scholarship, special award and outstanding winner for National English Competition for College Students."

Part Ⅰ Events

President Ding: Forge ahead in the Post-epidemic Era at Students Commencement

On June 19th, the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Commencement and Degree Conferral 2020 was held in the auditorium on the Jungong Rd. Campus. On the premise of epidemic prevention and control, was the simultaneous mode of the main venue and sub-venue. Also, cloud-live-streaming was adopted for the ceremony. The main venue was set in the auditorium while the sub-venue was set in other venues at other schools and colleges. Graduates who have not returned to school could watch the ceremonial scene on the cloud platform.
Ding Xiaodong, President of USST, addressed a speech entitled “Forge Ahead in the Post-epidemic Era”. He said, in the hard times of fighting against the epidemic, our country and people have won a victory in just a few short months with our national spirits of resilience. He encouraged graduates to work hard to address challenges, refuel themselves and strive to achieve their dreams when faced with difficulties in the future. Opportunities always come to those who are prepared and only the strivers who are always ready to seize opportunities can make breakthroughs in the process of change. The wave of digitalization and intellectualization is surging forward in line with the new technological revolution. Graduates need to seek new occupations, adapt to new demands, learn from books and practices and develop new thinking and skills to be useful workers in this post-epidemic era.
We hope all of you will realize your dreams with the blessing of USST, the guidance of your teachers and the hopes of your classmates, and strive for a wonderful life. USST by the Huangpu River will always be your solid support and your warm home. We welcome you back home often!

→ News: http://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2007.htm

Cooperation Agreement Signed between USST and Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd
On the morning of June 16th, Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd and USST signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement at the auditorium. Guided by the principle of “long-term collaboration, mutual enhancement, equal consultation and win-win results”, they focused on the Plan 2.0 for cultivation of excellent engineering talents and deepened the cooperative connotation in tackling problems in science and technology, discipline construction and talents cultivation for their common development. The signing ceremony was presided over by USST Vice President Liu Ping. USST President Ding Xiaodong and Liu Ping, President of Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement.

→ News: http://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/2011.htm

Academician Chen Jian Appointed as Distinguished Professor of USST
On June 2nd, Professor Chen Jian, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was appointed as Distinguished Professor of USST. The ceremony was held at the French Cultural Park on campus. Professor Chen expressed his gratitude for the invitation from USST. He noted that USST enjoys unique advantages in interdisciplinary development. The discipline of Food Science and Engineering is a comprehensive applied subject worth studying and exploring. The development of the discipline requires interdisciplinary cooperation.

→ News: http://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/1986.htm

The Second Shanghai International Young Scholars Forum-Optical Engineering Unveiled
On May 30th, The Second Shanghai International Young Scholars Forum-Optical Engineering Forum of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Forum of Universities in Shanghai for International Young Scholars-Optical Engineering were hosted by USST on a “cloud” platform. Young scholars at home and abroad met online and engaged in academic activities with great enthusiasm. Targeting at an international audience and with an emphasis on the wisdom of young scholars, the forum aims to promote future innovative developments for the world. It has established a platform for online communication, and unveiled a new pattern for academic communication.

→ News: http://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/1992.htm

PartⅡ Fruits
Innovation and Transfer Platform for Medical Device Established
On the morning of May 29th, a forum titled: Medical-engineering Interdisciplinary Innovation in the Era of Post-epidemic was held. The forum was held by: USST, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences and SIMIC Holdings Co., Ltd. They also commented on the Innovation and Transfer Platform for Medical Device Program. Oriented by major medical demands, it will gather resources from schools, enterprises, hospitals, chancellors and the research institutes to conduct interdisciplinary research. The platform will develop import-oriented and clinically urgent high-end medical devices and materials, tackle key technologies for medical equipment, forming a closed loop for “hospital-university-institute-enterprise-hospital” medical devices. This joint establishment of innovation and transfer platform conforms to a global new round of scientific reform and industrial revolution, and strategic choices for winning over initiative strategies for the Comprehensive Health industry, which will inject industrial strength into the continuous implementation of medical-engineering interdisciplinary projects.

→ News: http://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/1979.htm

USST Strengthens Education Ties with Huangpu
On June 11th, a signing ceremony for the cooperation education between USST and the Huangpu District People’s Government was held, aiming to establish a high school with characteristics of new engineering talent cultivation—Chuneng School Affiliated to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (to be determined). Both sides will work together to initiate the early site of regional innovation and entrepreneur talent, and build the New Engineering Education Center— Innovation Experiment Center integrating resources to expand this cooperative area for elementary education.

→ News: http://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/1996.htm

USST Scholars Make Major Breakthrough in their Research Area
Recently, USST scholars made a series of major achievements in their different research areas. The Terahertz Innovation Research Institute demonstrated an approach to designing multidimensional spin hall metalens that can flexibly manipulate spin. The uniqueness and robust approach for manipulating spin photons may have a significant impact on designing ultra-compact and multifunctional devices and spin photonics devices. Prof. Bin Zhao’s group from the School of Materials Science and Engineering published pioneering papers on eletrocatalytical materials for water splitting and Zn-air battery. Rao Pingping, an associate professor from the School of Environment and Architecture, who has supported and assisted Xin Jiang for 2 months, he has made outstanding achievements in discipline construction, teaching, and research. Recently, he published two academic papers based on Civil Engineering in Xinjiang, which helped Kashgar University achieve breakthrough in academic papers in SCI.

→ News: http://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1061/1990.htm,  http://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/1999.htm

USST Students Publish High-level Papers in Top Journals
Recently, USST students successively published high-level papers in top Journals. Instructed by Prof. Wang Yongxiong and Prof. Tian Engang from the “High-end Equipment System Integration and Simulation Innovation” team in the School of Optical-electrical and Computer Engineering, 2018 postgraduate Hu Chuanfei and Tang Zhenhui published their high-level papers in top journals: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (IF=7.503) and IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (IF=7.377), and applied for their invention patent as well. On June 11th, Li Jincan, a senior who majors in Chemistry from College of Science published a high-level paper titled “Ni-Catalyzed Denitrogenative Cross-Coupling of Benzotriazinones and Cyclopropanols: An Easy Access to Functionalized β-Aryl Ketones” in a top journal Organic Letters (IF= 6.55). In this study, Li Jincan first discovered a new denitrogenative cross-coupling reaction between benzotriazinones and cyclopropanols catalyzed by simple nickel complex, furnishing a facile access to the valuable building block of β-(o-amido) aryl ketones.

→ News: http://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1061/2016.htm, http://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1061/2015.htm

Part Ⅲ People
Professor Ping LIU
Reasons for Prof. Ping LIU’s Nomination

The 2019 Shanghai Science and Technology Award was yet been announced at the central hall of the Shanghai Exhibition Center.  Scientific and technological workers were awarded for their outstanding contributions in the science and technology innovations to the economic and social developments of Shanghai. The project "key technology and industrialization of high-performance copper alloy contact wire for high speed railway" completed by the "Electrical Functional Materials" Team led by Professor Liu Ping won the first prize of Shanghai Science and technology progress Award in 2019. After 18 years of cooperation in production, education and research, supported by the National "863" Plan, the project has developed the micro alloy collaborative strengthening technology, which works out the technical problems of high conductivity and high strength of copper alloy contact wire, as well as the technical problems of collaborative optimization with high wear resistance, anti-softening properties, and made three series of high performance copper alloy contact wires made of Cu Ag, Cu mg, Cu Cr Zr. The key technologies of high-performance copper alloy contact wire preparation with high efficiency, low cost, and wide popularity have been developed, breaking the monopoly and obstruction of foreign technology, pushing ahead the development of the whole contact wire manufacturing industry, greatly contributing to the development of high-speed railway in China.
Products designed with this innovation by this project have provided motivating supports for national traffic routes such as the high speed railways from Wuhan to Guangzhou, from Beijing to Shanghai, from Harbin to Dalian, from Lanzhou to Xinjiang, from Zhengzhou to Xi'an, the Shanghai Metro, to meet the needs of China's high-speed railway development and national strategic security. Products were exported to Belarus, Korea and Australia and other countries and became an important part of “The Belt & Road” Initiative.

→ News: http://en.usst.edu.cn/info/1023/1962.htm

A Brief Introduction of Prof. Ping LIU
Prof. Ping Liu is currently vice president, professor and doctoral supervisor of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST). Other Titles include: Vice President of China Heat Treatment Association, executive director of Instrument Functional Materials Society of China, director of Non-ferrous Metal Heat Treatment Technical Committee of China Heat Treatment Association, vice president of Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society and vice president of Shanghai Non-ferrous Metal Society. He was also Editor-in-chief of Non-ferrous Metal Materials and Engineering, Editorial of Transactions of materials and Heat Treatment and Heat Treatment of Materials.
Prof. Liu is mainly engaged in the research and development of metal functional materials. In this field, he has successively presided over two National "863" Plan projects and three NSFC projects. More than 400 papers have been published in academic journals, 260 of which have been indexed by SCI and EI. 5 academic monographs have been published. One project has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, two projects have won the first prizes of Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Award, and three second Provincial and Ministerial prizes.
Prof. Liu has won the honors from the "Government Allowance of the State Council", "Excellent Backbone Teacher of MOE", "Cross-century Academic Backbone of Institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Machinery", to name a few.

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